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#NCED Updates: Media Attacks Low-Income Student Scholarships, Wake County Still A Hot Mess and SAT ‘Adversity Scores’

In this edition of NC Education Updates: Charlotte Observer attacks low-income student scholarship fund changes, Wake County Public Schools is still a hot mess and what parents and students need to know about The College Board’s new “adversity scores.” Continue reading

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911 Transcripts Reveal Orlando Islamic Terror Attack Was About… Islamic Terror. Not LGBT.

On June 12th, Omar Mateen launched an attack on The Pulse night club in Orlando.

Fifty people lost their lives that night and witnesses heard Mateen shout, ‘Allahu Akbar’ and it was learned that Mateen had pledged his allegiance to ISIS. Yet at the time, North Carolina elected officials and media personalities rushed to judgement. Continue reading

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Retired NC History Teacher’s Epic Fail on #HB2

If you didn’t see the Charlotte Observer today, consider yourself lucky. You might have lost IQ points reading this one.

A “retired CMS history teacher” alleges that there were transgender civil war soldiers, therefore HB2 is an insult to “common sense”.

No, I’m not kidding. Continue reading

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Context Is Everything. What Newton Said and What He Meant. [Video] – #HB2

An article by Colin Campbell reads, NC Republicans embrace pro-HB2 religious groups; Democrats distant from NAACP’s Barber.

I am not sure if Campbell realizes how hilarious that headline is to the majority reading it. It’s like saying water is wet and Democrats are allergic to their own dirt.

The article is mainly about the Pro-HB2 rally. Near the end it highlights that Senator Buck Newton spoke at that HB2 Support Rally on Monday, April 25th.

Local media, like Campbell, is making hay over Newton’s comments in an attempt to boost his opponent in the NC Attorney General’s race — former Senator Josh Stein.

KEEP READING…. Continue reading

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LGBT Leader With Sex Offender Status Resigns From Charlotte LGBT Chamber of Commerce

Chad Sevearance, the leader of the Transgender bathroom ordinance push in Charlotte, NC whose sex offender status was exposed by Family Values Coalition, has apparently resigned as President of Charlotte’s LGBT Chamber of Commerce.


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Leader of Trans Bathroom Charge in Charlotte Has Sex Offender Status [Updated]

Are you sitting down?

The leader of Trans Bathroom Charge in Charlotte has Sex Offender status. Continue reading

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