Context Is Everything. What Newton Said and What He Meant. [Video] – #HB2

An article by Colin Campbell reads, NC Republicans embrace pro-HB2 religious groups; Democrats distant from NAACP’s Barber.

I am not sure if Campbell realizes how hilarious that headline is to the majority reading it. It’s like saying water is wet and Democrats are allergic to their own dirt.

The article is mainly about the Pro-HB2 rally. Near the end it highlights that Senator Buck Newton spoke at that HB2 Support Rally on Monday, April 25th.

Local media, like Campbell, is making hay over Newton’s comments in an attempt to boost his opponent in the NC Attorney General’s race — former Senator Josh Stein. This is not their first attempt either:

I say former, because Stein resigned his Senate seat right before the vote on HB2 was taken, thereby excusing himself from having to defend his vote. Arguably, he would have voted against it, however his colleagues in the Senate abandoned their duties and they all walked out on the vote.

What North Carolina media has latched onto is a partial statement from Newton at the rally. See the excerpt below, with emphasis added,  reported in an article by Colin Campbell appearing in both the News and Observer and Charlotte Observer.

Newton’s speech at Monday’s rally indicates he’s betting on the latter outcome. He invoked God and called the Charlotte City Council “a bunch of crazy people.”

“I am not worried about how I am judged by some people at another rally,” Newton said. “I am worried about how I am judged by the man upstairs. And if I can’t win this election because I ran HB2, then so be it. Bring it on.”

Newton then made national headlines when he ended his speech by calling on the crowd to “fight to keep our state straight.” Some considered that an anti-gay statement, but he later said he “never mentioned anything about homosexuality.”

This remark came at the very end of his speech. In fact, Newton was not making an anti-gay statement. He was not referencing homosexuality as the PC police would like you to believe.

In the context of his  remarks, by saying ‘keep our state straight’, Newton is talking about keeping our state safe and orderly.

“Thank you for letting me speak today. I thank you for being here on this beautiful day. Go home. Tell your friends and family who had to work today what this is all about and how hard we must fight to keep our state straight.”

Watch the full video of Newton’s remarks:

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  1. ciedie aech says:

    Oh my, it’s pretty hard to keep a state “straight” when many of it’s leaders are so blatantly crooked. 🙂


  2. timothypeck says:

    I don’t think Newton even knows the street definition of “straight.”


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