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Charlotte Council Member: We Let Human Rights Campaign Bully Us

As I’ve written before, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is well-funded machine with a fleet of lobbyists. The organization is known for bullying legislators and municipalities as well as strong-arming businesses into acting in favor of their causes.

The Charlotte Business Journal Confirms, with a quote from one of the council members…

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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Stick a Fork In Him. I’m Done. [Updated] – #HB2 #NCgov

On Monday, an estimated 1,000 or so people came to Raleigh to rally in support of HB2 and our leaders defending it.

On Tuesday, Governor Pat McCrory decided it was time to cave to the Rainbow bullies and their outrage machine via signing Executive Order 93. The timing. So wonderful! Yes, that’s sarcasm. Continue reading

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Not Backing Down: NC Governor, Lt. Governor deliver the facts about #HB2

The Governor released a blistering statement about the coordinated smear campaign going on by the Left, Businesses and the media over HB 2.

Lt. Governor Forest went on CNBC to talk about HB 2, which has been the hot topic in North Carolina for rolling back the radical, dangerous and Charlotte facilities ordinance.


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I, For One, Welcome The #HB2Liars Lawsuit

The moment the North Carolina legislature took action to call a special session to deal with the illegal Charlotte Ordinance, it was obvious our lawsuit happy Lefties in North Carolina would be suing.

And so they have. Continue reading

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The Rise of the #HB2Liars [Updated]

The NC campaign to paint HB 2 as discriminating against veterans, disabled persons, LGBT individuals and even pregnant women, has begun.

None of these claims are even remotely true. But that doesn’t matter. This is the narrative.

Stop taking this crap. Start calling out the #HB2Liars to their faces. Continue reading

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