Leader of Trans Bathroom Charge in Charlotte Has Sex Offender Status [Updated]

Are you sitting down?

The leader of Trans Bathroom Charge in Charlotte has Sex Offender status.

Err… wait, what?!


The homosexual leader of efforts in North Carolina to allow men to use women’s bathrooms is a convicted and registered sex offender, according to documents made available to Breitbart News.

Chad Sevearance is president of the Charlotte Business Guild, which describes itself as “a network of LGBT professionals, business owners, employees and individuals in the Charlotte area who meet to nurture a network of business contacts; encourage fellowship and support among community business, professional and charitable pursuits; and provide and promote positive role models in the LGBT community.”

Sevearance and his group have taken a lead role in the right to allow males to use the restrooms and showers of females, including those of little girls, described by advocates as no more than non-discrimination measures. Sevearance was quoted in the Charlotte Observer saying that because the bathroom bill did not pass, “It’s a fact that someone can ask me to leave a restaurant because I’m presumed to be gay or transgender…”

In 1998, Sevearance worked as a youth minister and in that capacity allegedly lured younger men to his apartment to spend the night where Severance showed them pornography and tried to talk them into sex. One boy testified that he woke up to find Severance “fondling him.” Severance was convicted on one charge of sexual molestation of a minor.

Good grief.  Do as I say, not as I do… or something.

My GOD, our NC media are so lazy!  This guy is cited all over the place by the Charlotte Observer and others.

According to the NC SBI, Sevearance’s registration was the results of being convicted in another state, yet he was also apparently charged in 2000 while living in Bessemer City, NC, for “three counts of lewd acts with a minor”?

He has a host of aliases:


Don’t Do It Charlotte uncovered that this guy is a registered sex offender and this video they posted on their Facebook page has Sevearance going by the name ‘Chad Turner’ now. That’s apparently his married name.  I guess the SBI needs to add that one to the list too.

Wonder if Pat Cotham knew?


Elliot Engstrom at Civitas calls out the Charlotte Observer, who knew about Sevearance’s status and didn’t report it.

The Charlotte Observer knew that Sevearance was a convicted sex offender, and yet never mentioned it once in its reporting. The newspaper certainly knew about this since at least February 18, when DontDoItCharlotte.com put out a report. (Though, considering that this information is discoverable with a quick google search, the paper likely knew about it before then, not to mention that his advocacy group also knew he was a convicted child molester and defended him by calling reports of his convictions “mudslinging.”)

In this context, The Charlotte Observer‘s failure to disclose these facts in its reporting is inexcusable. It constitutes clear advocacy masked as journalism.

Carolina Plotthound’s leading headlines have been all over this story today:

Chad Sevearance helped propose bathroom ordinance to open legal doors for predators…
Convicted in 2000 for molestation of a minor when working as youth minister…
Chad’s offender info; exposed by NC Values Coalition…
Chad was Charlotte gay publication’s ‘2015 Person of the Year’…
Why hasn’t the Charlotte Observer ever mentioned Chad’s background??
After all, he has been quoted by them MANY TIMES…
Newspaper reportedly was given info about Chad on Feb. 8; they withheld it…
FEB. 24: Chad tells Observer that bathroom scare tactics ‘take focus off real issues…’
Would have been good (but late) time to let readers know Chad’s convicted pervert history…
Observer’s/McClatchy’s credibility totally, completely shot (if they weren’t already)…
Ann Caulkins, President/Publisher, acaulkins@charlotteobserver.com…
Rick Thames, editor/VP, rthames@charlotteobserver.com…
ENGSTROM: Advocacy more important than journalism…
What Roy Cooper did NOT say when he dismissed the transgender bathroom issue…
Dan Forest wants special session on transgender bathroom ordinance…
LET’S ALL SAY IT TOGETHER: ‘If Chad had been a conservative…’

On Twitter, Plotthound calls out the editors at Charlotte Observer:


About A.P. Dillon

A.P. Dillon is a Co-Founder and Managing Editor at American Lens. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina and is the founder of LadyLiberty1885.com. Her past writing can also be found at IJ review, Breitbart, FOX news, Da Tech Guy Blog, Heartland Institute, Civitas Institute and StopCommonCoreNC.org. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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83 Responses to Leader of Trans Bathroom Charge in Charlotte Has Sex Offender Status [Updated]

  1. Gene Boswell says:

    ….America is no longer “America The Beautiful”, Today it is America Land of Sodom and Gomorrah as seen in Genesis 19……..Bones in CHRIST…!!!!

  2. Barbara Stephens says:

    One thing. I am sorry but me and belong in men’s bathroom women belong in women’s bathroom do you know how many people could pretend that they are gay and windup kidnapping little girls even teenagers boys even teenagers just the simple fact because somebody screaming a man should go use a girls bathroom and a girl should use a man’s bathroom how ridiculous

  3. Dan Jones says:

    Why does this NOT surprise me…

    More End Time News At:

  4. Sarah Brown says:

    I think calling the NC media lazy is being too generous. Blatantly biased would be more accurate. If you got all your information from my local news station you’d think that nobody in the state supported the bill. One hundred percent of their coverage concerning it has been of LGBT protests. If they did get a hold of this kind of information they’d bury it as quickly as possible.

  5. h2s says:

    The answer is a single bathroom for all with a floor trough and no dividers. Nothing weird but looks from everyone.

  6. Dave I says:

    This is an ad hominem attack and a know logical fallacy the minute you try and relate this guys past crimes with the bill.

    • A.P. Dillon says:

      Ad Hominem: An argument directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining.

      Yeah, I think you need to study that definition.

      The man led the movement to get the CLT Ordinance passed, which as written barred single sex facilities of any kind inside the city limits for both public and private businesses. This would have granted legal access to predators to whatever facility they want to stake out. This has been a main complaint.

      Sevearance was charged and convicted of sexually molesting 1 young boy under the age of 16 and accused of two others.
      The local paper KNEW and concealed it in order to get the ordinance through. At BEST this is hypocritical and at worst, it’s a wolf buying a sheep farm.

  7. I dont get it. Why should we give a damn as to what the person urinating or pooping next to you is?? If in fact someone crosses the line and maybe peeks at your junk and you are upset – notify the police. If you are not upset – move along – nothing to see here!! Everyone should feel safe discharging where they feel most comfortable and if you dont feel safe going in public – make sure you go before you go!!

    • A.P. Dillon says:

      It’s not just the bathrooms, it’s not just about elimination. It’s about basic decency and safety.
      The Charlotte ordinance included lockerrooms and shower facilities.
      The ordinance barred single sex accommodations in the city limits for both public and private business.

    • Cap says:

      You obviously forgot to put the “” at the end of your comment, because nobody can be that stupid as to believe the nonsense that you wrote.

    • Rox says:

      the law is passed maybe you arent married or have daughters young girls and women don’t want to go in a bathroom with a male weirdo who has issues with his gender .. why do dumbass liberals think the whole world has to change for a very small segment of society

    • Cary says:

      Patrick Burke. Really? I have a six year old granddaughter. I catch someone even In the bathroom with her that has a penis, I’m going to jail. If it doesn’t matter as you say, then why not stick to what has Worked since time began. I can only surmise that if it’s important to someone to be able to use a bathroom, locker room…etc not of their own gender, then they have an ulterior motive for wanting to do that.

    • Priscilla says:

      I suppose it is ok for a 40 year old man to enter the same bathroom an 11 or 12 year old girl is in? It’s not the fact of mearly relieving yourself, it is a fast growing danger! This is another way for perverts to get their rocks off by molesting the defenceless and unexpecting kid who needed to go. This is disgusting and an invasion of privacy! Anyone who thinks this is OK is also a sick pervert!

  8. George says:

    I am a proud parant of a female, She has a right to choose her way in life, as I have the same right. I have read and again more people want certain rights, here is my take.
    If any state allows it as I read any man or woman can say he feels like a woman or man and go to bathroom, to some it doesn’t seam like a big deal, but if my little girl was in a public bathroom and a dude walked in there , he wouldn’t Need a surgery it will happen. If I offended anyone I really don’t care when it comes to my kid. If you feel like you have to make a negitive comment on my statement , I want you to ask yourself would you let your kid us the bathroom where known child molesters are. Again if I offended anyone I don’t care just stating a fact.

    • Belinda Mullins says:

      Do believe that if i take my granddaughter to the bathroom and a man dressed as a woman comes in i will beat his ass, once a man or woman always a man or woman, this is sick, to think u can get a sex change then go into the opposite restroom! Im sure there are people out there that doesnt want to speak out, but trust me do not come to a restroom im in just a warning i will not just let u pass without my foot up ur ass……….. just saying. oh since i had to give my name and e-mail i dont want no crap i hae a right to speak my mind…………………………………….

  9. Mark says:

    Hey everyone! Should I bake my potato on 325 or 350. I’m so confused. I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I think I should contact the NC government before I continue. Should I use butter and sour cream? Gosh… I can’t decide for myself. I wish someone would give me good advice! I wish you guys would pay attention to my needs before going to any bathroom. Can’t imagine what else is going on in this world to minimize this bathroom issue. This is top priority. Just tell your kids to tie a knot in it. That’s what my granny told me. All I can say is this world is crumbling around us. To those of you who really care about this bill being passed, I say “let the end times begin!” We are in for the long haul. Christ is the answer! (and if you respond to this with your hatred(that you despise), I will not respond. Enjoy spouting off in your hatred toward Christians. It seems that all of the so called liberals can tolerate anyone except for Christians. I’m done.

  10. shawn says:

    Why do Trans or homosexuals call people homophobic just because a person doesn’t agree with this one issue? I am not a homophob. I believe you can marry or love whomever you want. Who cares what you and another person do in your bedroom. Gay or straight. But I do feel that a person has the right to feel safe in such a vunerable location. We have as a society agreed that bathrooms should be based on biology. Not race, creed or psychology. It has worked. You going to have lie detectors outside each bathroom and ask “Do you really identify with the opposite sex or are you just messing with us?” And even if they pass the test it wouldn’t matter, BIOLOGY not PSYCHOLOGY!”

  11. Chris says:

    A person’s plumbing should determine which freakin restroom they use. Period. If you wanna be a woman instead of a guy….. Go get something chopped off! And vise versa…. They can sew them on also.

  12. A.P. Dillon, it wouldn’t have mattered whether or not this guy has the issues he has. The fact is that you’re obviously a homophobic, right wing, “Jesus says it’s bad,” close minded, stuck in the old days snob. The fact is, is that these people identify as the opposite sex than the organs they possess. Not that that matters to you…you probably beat your son with a belt if he plays with Barbie dolls or insult your daughter cause she likes fishing more than cooking. Why don’t you just say it like it is…that you hate homosexuals, that you think it’s a sin and you think they’re going to Hell. At least SACK UP and say what you really feel. At least then you’d just be an asshole and not a cowardly asshole.

    • A.P. Dillon says:

      It does matter.

      Thanks for showing your true colors by making assumptions and hurling childish insults. Your intolerance, bigotry and hatred are noted for all to see.

      • mark goodbar says:

        You go girl… you’re spot in the article and in this reply. Thanks for keeping the lights on.

      • Donna Fitzgerald says:

        So true, A.P. Dillon. I noticed it! The least tolerant people are the ones demanding everyone else be tolerant of them. Leftists are so predictable!

    • mark goodbar says:

      One could just as easily say you are a Christophobic, closed minded, stuck in pop culture mentality snob. So why is your view more valid? You are just as closed minded as those you accuse, it’s just that they happen to believe the opposite of what you believe. So let’s be done with this arrogant pretense that liberal groupthink is “open mindedness”. I won’t go into making accusations of what you “probably” do, outside of known facts, even though you were glad to do so to the author. I won’t because that would be irrational, ignorant, and presumptuous. Stereotyping, profiling, whatever you want to call it, it’s an ignorant way to go through life, judging what you don’t know. Perhaps she won’t just come out and say she hates homosexuals for the simple reason that she doesn’t hate them. Just a guess, I don’t know her. But really you’re missing the point. It’s not that the man is a homosexual. ITS THAT HES A FREAKING SEX OFFENDER. May I suggest that your closed mindedness has made you so ready to defend LGBT, that you totally overlooked the main point of the article. Just some food for thought.

  13. nealangel says:

    How is gender identity disorder any different than BIID? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frbssKzRvVA

    Here’s a clue… It’s not.

  14. Chris says:

    All I got out of this is youth ministers should not be allowed to use public bathrooms

  15. Evelyn wokatsch says:

    These people are not transgender, they are confused gender and should be using the restrooms in a mental institution.

  16. Denise says:

    I am not sure what this article is trying to get across.
    1. Since he is evidently gay, if he is not trans, you would prefer him in the men’s room with the boys he prefers to molest? Also, if he is not trans, then his status as a sex offender is irrelevant to his position on the law.
    2. If he is trans, he would be female born, and be by the law referred to the ladies room, which you are trying to prevent.

    • A.P. Dillon says:

      1. He was leading to charge for the ordinance, gay or trans, it doesn’t matter. He is a registered sex offender and the Charlotte observer covered it up to get the ordinance passed.
      2. If he was trans, he was born male. A penis means he is male. Did you fail biology?

      • Peyton says:

        I think you will struggle to find any modern textbook on biology to define gender as “a penis means he is male”.

      • A.P. Dillon says:

        Well, you have to include testes too i suppose. Old, Modern — male genitalia is still male genitalia and denote… being a male.

        But I had no problem finding one.


      • Peyton says:

        I think you illustrate the problem in your reply. I ask about defining gender, and you link to an article about an anatomical body part. Do you, as a woman, feel you are defined by having breasts? By having ovaries? Surely there is more to you, and your gender, than a summation of physical attributes?
        But if you insist on defining a man by his genitalia, I have to ask, what about a person with a penis but no testes? Or no external genitalia? What if a man loses his genitals in an accident? Are these people not men, but just freaks?
        In fact, attempts in the past were made to raise male children, born without genitals (penile and testicular agenesis) as female. (In this case, I imagine the presence of a Y chromosome and the lack of typical female attributes is why they were determined “male”). Many of these children, on *their own*, during puberty, switched *back* to identifying as male – in spite of having no penis. Why? Because gender is complex. It involves genetics, environment, physical characteristics, hormones, structural brain differences, and factors that science still struggles to identify and understand. And I can’t help but think it’s a little bit arrogant for people to proclaim they definitively know all the answers on this subject.
        Is it not possible that people who claim to be transgendered struggle in ways that we can’t fathom or appreciate? Is it really asking too much to try to educate ourselves on why this is an issue at all, and maybe come to the conclusion that it’s in fact complex, and maybe in the end decide to show a little compassion?

      • A.P. Dillon says:

        Gender is not complex. There are males. There are females.
        There are those who are confused, mentally ill or born lacking genitalia.
        But there are only two genders. Male. Female.

  17. Wendy says:

    And we’re supposed to take you seriously? When someone disagrees with you, you name call. You also are fear baiting. Great reporting!!

    • A.P. Dillon says:

      And I’m supposed to take you seriously?

      Where did I name call? The guy is a registered sex offender. Are you defending a registered sex offender?

      What is ‘fear baiting’? Do you mean fear mongering, because that’s the typical terminology.

      Great reporting? Yes, it is.

  18. Richard says:

    Parts is parts and pieces is pieces, at the old supply Sargent was so fond of telling us. If your parts and pieces put you in a men’s bath room then you go there even if you feel like a woman inside. That is an issue you need to deal with and there is no reason to make others have to deal with your issues, grow up.
    This is especially true where children are concerned and can easily be damaged in early life. Those who have to make the adjustment will need to work it inside their own minds without involving other young people who would be having enough issues going through their own growing up issues without adding on extra trauma! Take responsibility for your own life.

  19. Sarah Simpson says:

    And this is who the public is suppose to trust in the bathrooms with children who parents continue to send into public bathrooms unsupervised, a known child molester/monster.

  20. scoot says:

    what is the real point here?? trying to do what you are told not to do or perhaps that you cant do??? seems that this whole trans thing is not about equality…but about going against the rules. I surely do not want a man to go into a bathroom with my daughter in it, no more than I want a woman to come into a men’s room while I am in it. if you genitals are female…your a female. If they’re that of a male, then your male. stop the BS about what you want to be or what you think you should be. If that was the case and point, nobody would be what or who they are, because everyone thinks that “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence”. now stop this nonsense. if you want to be something other than how you were born….ok, but there’s a place, and it surely is not in the privacy of a public bathroom. we all have enough to worry about in there with out adding to the anxiety of mixing the sexes during those times.

    • J gregor says:

      You speak of privacy in a public bathroom. If there is indeed privacy in a public bathroom how are you so sure that your not already using them with people who are trans without invading others privacy yourself?

      • Donna Fitzgerald says:

        Exactly! Since we don’t have ‘public bathroom police’, there are, more than likely, transgenders already going into whichever bathroom they want. So what is the point of changing the law then? Seems the current situation is working for the masses, whoever they are. Besides, when laws are changed, it enboldens people to take advantage of the situation. That’s when the kooks will come out and the problems will start.

      • Donna says:

        We don’t and that’s the point. Obviously, there aren’t ‘public bathroom police’, at least not in any public bathroom I’ve ever been in. Transgenders can now use whatever bathroom they want. So apparently, something must be working at this point. But if the law changes, it will give perverts a legal right to be in whatever bathroom they choose. It is so clear what the real reason behind this bill is!

  21. Teresa Nichols says:

    Well…the only logical solution for this….is to add a 3rd bathroom into the mix….label it Transgender or confused…if they have their OWN bathroom. …then we can move on to more important issues!!!!

    • G Santosh says:

      Or you can mind your own business as you should in a bathroom and we can move on to more important issues even quicker than building new bathrooms.

    • G Santosh says:

      Why not mind your own business as you should in a bathroom and we can move on to more important issues even quicker!

    • Sarah Brown says:

      That’s been suggested already when this came up in another state. It wasn’t good enough for them, and segregation comparisons immediately started being made.

    • betty says:

      yes that is how I feel give them there own bathroom. I want go to a place that transgender bathroom for us all. I will order to go. I want let my 4 year old go there at all.

  22. Donna says:

    The problem is this is conflation. This guy was convicted of sexual misconduct/assault. What exactly does that have to do with transgender people using the bathroom? Further he was convicted of assaulting a boy soooo when mixerdriver says: “He’s the LEADER if the movement to force perverts into girls bathrooms” it would seem that he should be concerned about men in the boys bathroom.

    • A.P. Dillon says:

      Ma’am, there is no conflation here.

      This guy was not convicted of sexual misconduct and assault either– it was lewd acts with a minor male (actually three of them) under the age of 16 when he was 20 years of age.
      On top of it, he was a youth pastor at the time.

      One of the major complaints about this ordinance being pushed is that it will put women and children in harms way.

      Under this ordinance, anyone can claim they are transgender and enter whatever facility they want. That includes rapist and pedophiles.

      • G Santosh says:

        Rapists and pedophiles already use bathrooms with their current configuration, so what’s your point?

      • A.P. Dillon says:

        This ordinance now gives opposite sex offenders access and legal cover for being in there.
        And your point?

      • Denise says:

        You are aware that the little signs on the bathroom do not act as wards preventing opposite gendered people from entering the restroom, yes? And that a person intent on commiting a crime is unlikely to care about breaking an additional law regarding which bathroom they enter, yes?

      • A.P. Dillon says:

        And you are aware the Charlotte ordinance would have made it legal for predators to gain access?
        It matters.

  23. Bigbadbob says:

    Why would males (straight or gay) want to use a female toilet when females notoriously leave the seat down. . It’s just gross!

  24. Lorrie finney says:

    That’s awful with him being a sex offender. He needs to be castrated. My opinion he still needs to be locked up. Let the big boys do to him what he did to those little incentives children.

    • Ally Raymond says:

      They probably weren’t ‘little children’. They were teens in his youth group. If under-aged by even 1 year, parents press charges (because they can), AND he’s stamped a ‘sex-offender’ for the rest of his life, with people thinking just like you…the worst. Many underage are older teens and consent or WANT to have sex. So while it is illegal, is isn’t necessarily ‘horrendous’.

      • A.P. Dillon says:

        Ma’am, did you even read the article? He fondled young boys under the age of 16 while they slept. Give us a break.

      • Teresa says:

        Until you know facts….assuming is rather dangerous. ..don’t you think?

      • bab says:

        Lol….that is the stupidest justification I have ever heard……I bet you wouldn’t be singing that tune if you had woke up with his hands down your pjs….your an idiot.

  25. Ally Raymond says:

    Wow…a pervert in religion! That is SO common.

  26. Terra jones says:

    I’m appalled that you would use a cis man who happens to be a sex offender to demonize trans people. What exactly does this guy have to do with us, he’s a sex offender so I’m a pervert? And I will point out that there do exist female sex offenders. They still get to use the ladies room.

    I keep seeing story after story where I am a demon and a punching bag for conservatives, presenting me as this evil monster out to rape women. I had to move out of the south up to Chicago to find a place where I could be treated as a human being and have a job and such. The south is my home but my home is not my home. My hope is that some day discrimination against queer Americans is considered to be as socially unacceptable and repugnant as overt racism. The f-slur and the t-slur need to be lumped in with the n-slur and the k-slur.

    • A.P. Dillon says:

      “I’m appalled that you would use a cis man who happens to be a sex offender to demonize trans people.”

      Exactly where is said demonizing of transgender people going on in this article?
      This man happens to be the person leading the charge on the transgender ordinance.
      This man’s crimes represent the exact danger this ordinance literally opens the door to and of which parents and citizens are alarmed about.

      Get over yourself.

    • shawn says:

      I don’t hate homosexuals. I could care less who a person sleeps with. But I do care when grown men or women are allowed to use the opposite sex’s restroom because they “feel” like they are supposed to. We have always gone by biology not psychology. A lot of people feel they should do certain things that are obviously wrong. A person feels like they really love their dog. Should they marry and have sex with it? Why not? They feel they have a special connection. My wife and daughter don’t care what a grown man allegedly identifies with. How does that make someone a homophob?

    • shawn says:

      You are insane. Were Trans beaten, raped, murdered and enslaved? Black people had no choice but to be black. Trans get to choose what they want to be. You are an idiot.

    • Susan Nunes says:

      There is no such thing as “cis.” Just as there is no such thing as “transgender.” There is no such thing as “gender identity.” There are males and there are females. Period. “Transgenders” are made up of very few self-loathing gays and those with true body image disorders as well as lesbians being pressured to “transition.” The huge majority of transgenders are what used to be called “transvestites.” They have a masturbation fetish of themselves as “women,” are afflicted with a sexual disorder called a paraphilia and who can be termed “perverts.” These men have no right to force the rest of us to participate in their sick masturbation fantasies by taking it public. You want to masturbate in women’s clothes? Do it at home. Don’t you dare force your sickness on the rest of us and invade our spaces. Don’t you dare call yourselves women.

  27. Joe says:

    We as a country are destroy American by listening and acting on pervert people’s cry for equality… If you drop your pants and have a penis you don’t belong in a women’s bathroom or if you drop your pants and have a vagina you don’t belong in a men’s restroom…. I do not care how YOU THINK you identify, reality is you are a man or a woman according to the sexual parts attached to your body… We are opening American to more crime on our children and women mostly…any one can call themselves transgender and how can you prove they are not and they are just perverts using the laws to commit their crime….

  28. Hey I know, let’s use the behavior of a cis man to monster trans people. Gee, Never seen that before. /sarcasm

  29. Jonathan says:

    That’s sick America has gone to hell in a handbasket were has people’s morals gone to hell I guess

    • Katie says:

      Look, I’m fairly conservative, but your statement is erroneous and bromidic at best. We came from a place of slavery, the trail of tears, segregation, what have you. Something always needs to get fixed in society, nothing is getting worse. In fact, due to an increase in education and health, it’s probably getting better.

    • Francesca says:

      I totally agree that America has gone to hell in a hand basket!!!! All of this controversy over bathroom usage. Really?????
      Where is the concern and passion over the Isis terrorists and the radical Islamic people who have killed thousands and thousands of individuals just because they wanted to make a statement in the name of Allah or Muhammad, the highest US debt ever (higher under Obama than all other Presidents combined), the unemployment rate in NC, the condition of the economy in NC as well as in the US as a whole, people on welfare and food stamps because they are too sorry and lazy to work so they live off of the government which is my tax dollars, the fear of not drawing any social security upon retiring after now paying into it for 45 years, etc…… Shall I go on?? I think not!!! Point clearly made!!!!
      Aren’t peoples priorities unbalanced when looking at the above issues facing America and NC compared to which bathroom people should use???? Oh, and what about all the illegal immigrants bleeding the system dry as well as driving the cost of insurance off the charts along with Obama Care??
      So, I agree with Pat McCroy!!!!! If you have male parts, use the men’s facility!!! If you have women parts, use the women’s facilities!!!! This is common sense!!!! DAH……
      This is just idiots making a mountain out of a mole hill. Grow up and get a grip!!!!
      I do not want a proven sex offender anywhere close to my son or daughter!!!
      So ask yourself, do you really want one near your child????? I would hope not!!

  30. Charlie says:

    What a complete and utter asshole…and anyone who thought. ..hey this is a good idea…..go jump off a bridge. ..do all normal thinking people a favot…asshole

  31. DT says:

    Those aren’t aliases, morons. Those are all his same name. And we know what you’re doing, trying to insinuate that pro-trans rights advocates are synonymous with sex offenders. Total BS. This one guy is, and screw him, but the overwhelming majority are not and do not condone it.

    • A.P. Dillon says:

      Yes, they are aliases.
      Aliases are variations of names or use of a different name for the same person, Moron.

      No one has to insinuate anything.
      What you should be disturbed about is the Charlotte Observer KNEW and didn’t report it, yet kept citing him in their articles.

    • mixerdriver says:

      He’s the LEADER of the movement to force perverts into women’s bathrooms, you numb-nutted freak.

    • mixerdriver says:

      He’s the LEADER if the movement to force perverts into girls bathrooms. What a shameless attempt to deflect from the terrible record this man has. Sick perverts, all of you!

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