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Cooper Admin Stealth Edits HB2 Related Press Release

Someone in the Cooper Administration stealth edited a press release to restore a link to an HB2 related document last week.  
That press release is a public document. Someone needs to answer for this. Continue reading

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NC Governor Attends Gala Hosted By Registered Sex Offender. Zero Media Coverage.

North Carolina’s Democratic Governor Roy Cooper attended a gala hosted by a registered sex offender earlier this month in Charlotte. Continue reading

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Cooper and Stein Attempt To Re-Start NC Bathroom War

Unbelievable. Governor Cooper and Attorney General Josh Stein kick open the ‘Socials Issues’ stall door. Again.
Stop trying to revive HB2, governor. That fundraising ship has sailed. Continue reading

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Seattle Mayor Resigns After 5th Child Sex Abuse Allegation

After six months and a barrage of child sex abuse allegations, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has announced his resignation. Continue reading

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Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Gets 4th Accuser

A 4th accuser has come forward this week and has filed suit against Mayor Ed Murray. The 4th accuser claims Murray paid him for sex when the accuser was a teen Continue reading

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