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Happy Thanksgiving: An Origin Story


This year’s Thanksgiving article will feature the real origins of the establishment of a Thanksgiving holiday, which go all the way back to our first President.  Continue reading

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#WCPSS Staffer Warns Teachers: Don’t “Culturally Appropriate” for Thanksgiving Activities

This is what making $85,000 a year allows you to do in Wake County Public Schools: Virtue Signal on Twitter by telling teachers not to be ‘culturally appropriating’ in your “cute” Thanksgiving classroom activities. Continue reading

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Where was the Teacher during the Brutal Beating of a Wakefield High Student? #WCPSS

Less than a week ago, a mom posted on social media about the brutal beating of her son at a Wake County High School. The perpetrator has apologized, but I seem to be the only one asking: Where was the teacher during this beating? Continue reading

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Dear Red4EdNC – Stop The Gaslighting

What Red4EdNC is not: organic or grassroots.
What Red4EdNC is:  A politically partisan “education non-profit” formed by NCAE members and members of the NCAE’s radical Social Justice Caucus, Organize 2020. Continue reading

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#NCED Updates: Teacher Strike Looms, Cooper’s Budget, Legislative Updates & More

Here’s the latest round of education update from around the state of North Carolina.

Included in this edition are key points about the looming teacher’s strike, education highlights from Governor Cooper’s proposed budget, as well as various legislative and Charter school updates. Continue reading

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