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Yet ANOTHER Clueless Common Core Op-Ed From The Editorial Board – #NCed #StopCommonCore

The Editorial Board of News and Observer’s sister paper, Charlotte Observer, has apparently never heard of stopping digging when you’re already in a hole.

Another completely clueless ‘Common Core’ Editorial from the Editorial board.

Their latest: The Bittersweet Legacy of The Common Core

Faceplam StupidDear lord, stop it. The entire thing has tasted like the wrong end of a skunk from day one.


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NC Media Memory Holes Critical Hagan Story

Charlotte Observer memory holed a story about a legal review involving Kay Hagan and the evolving stimulus scandal that surrounds her family. The Charlotte Observer put up a story citing a WBTV report that was rather damning in the opening paragraphs.

Phil Kerpen nailed it:

What, an act of journalism made it past us? DELETE DELETE DELETE! http://t.co/0JESA2P66Y pic.twitter.com/OdQo0mbPuw

— Phil Kerpen (@kerpen) November 2, 2014

Well, this blatant media bias and journalistic malpractice won’t stand.

Go read the story via this cache link Continue reading

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Charlotte Observer’s Flanno Politicizes Common Core

Another day, another attempt to politicize Common Core from someone complaining people are politicizing Common Core….
We get a dose of “politicizing” Common Core from Charlotte Observer’s Fannie Flanno and I fire back. Continue reading

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Assoc. Editor of Charlotte Observer pens Common Core Politization Piece

The associate editor of the Charlotte Observer is a clueless Common Core Propaganda pawn. I’m linking the NCspin posting of an ‘article’ by Fannie Flono because I won’t give the Charlotte Observer traffic for this egregiously incorrect piece of what can only be called propaganda.

Maybe Flono should stick to writing on “news, politics, and life in The Carolinas”. Flono is an ‘opinion’ writer, but anyone in North Carolina knows that in the News and Observer and Charlotte Observer, they write opinion to read like it is fact. Rarely in the last year has there been an article in local media that has dug into the truth about Common Core instead of parroting supporter talking points. This one was no different.

So again, I called the bias out. Continue reading

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Charlotte Observer Reprints Misleading Common Core Article

The day of the NC General Assembly Common Core hearing, we had WRAL smear the opposition to the Common Core Standards by choosing to run with the one person who showed up toting an over-sized Bible. Yesterday, the News and Observer had an unsigned Op-Ed from their staff smearing the parents, grandparents, children, teachers and concerned citizens who came out to express their concerns over the Common Core Standards.

Now, we have the Charlotte Observer reprinting another unsigned Op-Ed from the News and Record staff. The title this time is, Uncommonly irrational Common Core fears and it is nearly the same smear piece, just with the pieces moved around. It makes a lot of false claims about what was said and doesn’t address ANY of the repeated concerns of the parents who came to speak out.

Why is the media smearing opposition like this? Why aren’t they covering the actual concerns? Because that would require them to defend the standards — and they can’t.
So the plan becomes: Shut Up. Continue reading

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More On That #UNCW “Survey”

The “survey” put out by two professors at UNCW is still making the rounds, despite it’s decidedly biased sample and lack of scientific methodology. For background, read my last article on it.

The “survey” has popped up on the Your Schools blog over at the Charlotte Observe Continue reading

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