My Public Records Request to Cooper and Stein Turn 1 Year Old Next Month

Three of my four public records requests sent to Governor Roy Cooper and Attorney General Josh Stein will be turning one year old next month.

Here are some details.

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Raleigh Christian School Volunteer Charged with Sexual Assault, Indecent Liberties

A Raleigh Christian School volunteer has been charged with taking indecent liberties with a child.

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How Did I Get On This Campaign Email List?

Spam emails, scam PAC emails, and campaign emails – not really a huge difference these days.  We all try to keep our inboxes free of the junk but during campaign season, it can be harder than usual, especially when you find yourself receiving an email from a candidate you’ve never heard of.

That happened to me earlier this year.

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Students ‘Walked Out’ As NC School Threats Continue

School threats are the new “Me Too” and still going on at a steady rate in North Carolina despite the recent ‘walk out’. I’ve been keeping track of school threats for the last month or so.

Here’s the latest set of NC school threats, one of which ironically kept students from participating in the ‘walk out’.  Also, stay with me as I cover Roy Cooper’s latest stunt.

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Liberal Activism Alive and Well In Schools As NC Students ‘Walk Out’

Liberal Activism is alive and well in our schools. Yesterday was the national “walk out” protesting gun violence in schools.

I collected a lot of tweets from around the state, which I include at the end of this article. First, I’d like to share a few that stuck out both in NC and elsewhere.

Instead of ‘walking up’ to a fellow classmate suffering from bullying, NC students in various K-12 schools walked out.

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