Here’s Why This Blog Has Gone A Bit Quiet

My readers may have noticed this blog has gone a bit quiet. Let me tell you why.

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Image ©AmericanLens

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Calling Out Montel Williams

Hypocrisy is a dish that at best has no intellectual nutritional value, and at worst poisons all future meals you wish to serve in my opinion. It is something that should never be brought to the table and if presented as a viable sustenance, should be called out for the weak minded feed slop that it is.

That being said, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out a 140 character piece of swill that Montel Williams tweeted out to not only the founder of this blog, but my friend and mentor A. P. Dillon after she criticized one of his Tweets..


In a stunning move of validation to the lack of grace comment, Mr. Williams sent out this


Oh so filled with grace don’t ya think?

This coming from a man who has long been an advocate for Veterans suicide prevention, who has challenged Senators for not supporting legislation that address’s the issue, and who has lectured others in the past for “joking” about suicide on Twitter.


Let me repeat those words..

There is no place for joking about suicide, especially on a platform as big as yours.

By saying this was a “veiled” suggestion for someone to kill themselves, would be letting Mr. Williams off lightly and the hypocrisy is flat out oozing after so boldly lecturing someone on Twitter for not taking the issue of suicide seriously. However, there is something else that must be brought to light.

Montel doesn’t have a following of millions, but his “platform” of 172 thousand plus followers is still a large platform. How many Veterans I wonder are on that list? How many men and women who have served our country honorably have looked to him as an advocate regarding Veteran Suicide? How many saw that tweet?

I had followed Montel and he followed me on Twitter for a couple years. I even reached out to him May of 2015 through private messages regarding a website solely designed to disparage and humiliate our disabled Veterans. I was actually honored he even replied.



Though he never replied back after that, or addressed the vile website publicly, I still continued to follow him. Even though we had differing political beliefs I still followed him. Until today.

Nasty attacks on Twitter are so common place that is seems we no longer are shocked by them and we dismiss them as easily as an annoying fly hovering over a meal.

So why does this situation rise to the level of ire that has caused this post to be written? Let me be clear with this statement. It’s not Montel’s Tweet attacks against women whom disagree with him and it’s not the hypocritical nature of the tweet nor whom the tweet was directed at that has disgusted me. That was just a catalyst. It was the blatant disregard for the brave men and women of our military who follow Montel Williams on Twitter. Some of whom, after the wars have ended, are still fighting demons and look to him as an advocate for Veteran Suicide Prevention.

Though the tweet has since been deleted, only after being reported to Twitter support for TOS violations and an outcry of profound disapproval, I can’t help but to still have a nagging thought regarding this….

How many of our Veterans have taken their own lives by the very means that Montel Williams tweeted out? Perhaps he can answer that question.



Side-note: AP Dillon addressed the tweet in a radio interview on the Freedom Action Network. Starts at 3 minutes.

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#ThrowBackThursday: Thanksgiving Day Edition

1985 was a wonderful year..

  • The band Ah-Ha brought us one of the coolest videos of all time for the song “Take On Me’.
  • Director John Hughes gave us a movie that truly defined a generation with “The Breakfast Club”.
  • Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls wins Rookie of the Year and proves to the world that you can “fly like and eagle”.
  • The most awesome NBA Championship series takes place between the Lakers and Celtics (The Lakers winning of course!)

Something else occurred in 1985…

Our 40th President, Ronald Reagan, was inaugurated for a second time.  Why is this important today?  Thanksgiving day of all days?  My answer to you is quite simple…

President Reagan gave a Thanksgiving Day address that encompasses who were are, and who we should be as a nation


This address will always stand the test of time if we hold true to ourselves and our beliefs.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

-Liberty Speaks

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