MoMo Without The Mojo: June 18th Poor People’s Campaign Mugshots

Like a broken record, MoMo without the Mojo protesters were arrested again this week.
Thankfully, this is the last crop of them for a while – at least according to WRAL.

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NC Public School Forum Head Doubles Down On Stupid

After calling me a “troll” for openly challenging his disgusting comparison of a charter school bill to House Bill 2, Keith Poston doubled down.

What color is the sky in Keith Poston’s echo chamber? We may never know.

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MoMo Without The Mojo: Mugshots of 6/11/18 Protesters

MoMo Without The Mojo - Poor People's CampaignThere were more MoMo without the Mojo arrests this week.

As an added bonus, at the bottom of this article one will find the week of mugshots I missed back on 5/21/18.

Readers can check out other previous weeks:

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12 Additional Charges Added For Union County Middle School Teacher

12 additional charges have been added to the charge list against a Union County middle school teacher, bringing the total to 28 sexual related felony counts.

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NC Board of Ed Member: Debating to stand for Pledge of Allegiance is a ‘Waste of Time’

North Carolina State Board of Education Member, Reginald Kenan, seems to think that having the debate of whether North Carolina school kids should stand or not for the Pledge of Allegiance is a ‘waste of time’.

Kenan, a Bev Perdue appointee,  appears to compare it to the national embarrassment of NFL players not standing for the National Anthem in his remarks.

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