Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Security Guard Charged with 27 Counts Including Statutory Rape

A former security guard who worked for Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Schools has been charged with 27 counts of various sex crimes against a minor, including statutory rape.

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New Hanover Special Ed Assistant Charged with Statutory Rape of Minor, Indecent Liberties

A former Special Education teaching assistant in the New Hanover Public Schools system has been charged with two sex crimes involving a child under the age of 15.

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New Education “Non-Profit” Brings Jeb! To Raleigh

Another day, another “education non-profit” is born. This time it’s in North Carolina’s own backyard and appears to involve NC State Superintendent Mark Johnson and featuring an appearance by Jeb!

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The Going Rate To Look Like A Legit Candidate For A District Court Seat? $1,167.

Shenanigans ensued right before the filing deadline for the NC Judicial races with one candidate paying for another to run against him for a district court seat.

Meanwhile, a veritable nobody jumped into the Supreme Court race.

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Cobey, NC Board of Education Seem To Be In Denial Over HB 17 Ruling

Last month the North Carolina State Supreme Court ruled to uphold House Bill 17, which assigns more power to the Superintendent for the day to day running of the state’s schools. This ruling concurs with the lower court’s decision from July 2017.

Thus, for the reasons set forth in greater detail above, we hold that the enactment of Session Law 2016-126 does not, at least on its face, contravene Article IX, Section 5 of the Constitution of North Carolina. As a result, the three-judge panel’s decision is affirmed.

– NC Supreme Court Ruling
NC SBC v State of NC and Mark Johnson

While the ruling stated plainly that the NC Board of Education did not make the case that HB 17 violates the state’s Constitution, Chairman of the North Carolina State Board of Education, Bill Cobey, seems to think the Supreme Court is wrong.

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