#MoralMondays: July 22nd Edition (snore)

This week’s ‘Moral Monday’ tantrum brought to you by the letter I and D.  As in Voter ID.   Yep, the NC General Assembly is daring to ask people to show ID to vote and a few other changes to maintain our election integrity. When it comes to voter ID, Liberals clearly miss the point. It’s all just so horrible, that the NAACP went and made up this snazzy flyer:

Oh, and as for cutting of same day registration? I am SO in favor of that. It begs the question, what kind of idiot waits until the day of the election to get registered? It’s quite possibly one of the most important civic duties we have as citizens, yet people treat it like they’re trying to dodge a telemarketer or they’re making a last minute run into the grocery store for something on the way home.  Hey, that reminds me of something that happened to me last Fall:


  • The Arrests? Oh there were “about 70” more. Another source says “73“. Check Civitas later on to see the names.
  • There was a live feed.
  • Voter ID wasn’t all that was on tap; so were teacher pay freezes.  Funny, Perdue did the same thing and I don’t recall nearly this much vitriol.  There was also quite a bit of misinformation and hypocritical foot stomping about education spending. For those in need of a clue of what Democrat leadership did to education spending in NC, try here.
  • One tweeter claimed 3,500 showed up. GAP estimate given to me was 1,400-1,600 again. Whoops. Math — it’s hard. Even in the NAACP pic tweeted out, the crowd doesn’t look that big. Maybe more showed up after? Or maybe not.:

Back to the arrests — These are the people in charge of educating our kids. They wonder why homeschooling is on the rise:

The usual Twitter theatrics

Our grandmothers cried? Rest assured, if they read your tweet, they’d do more than cry. That one really made me want to sit poor Whitney May down with a history book.  In fact, here is a quick lesson for you, Whitney, so pay attention and grab a piece of perspective.

A Brief history of women and voting rights for Whitney May

In 1892, Jenkins and Carleton were the first women seated at the Republican National Convention. It was also the first time any woman had been made a delegate of any political convention in the United States and it was also the first time that a woman (Ellen Foster) was allowed to give an address at a the convention.

In 1878, the Susan B Anthony Amendment was proposed by A.A. Sargeant (R) of California. The Democratic controlled Congress shot it down – 4 times.

It was 1919 before it was passed and ratified; guess who controlled the House then? President Wilson was forced to support the bill after the Night of Terror in Occoquan came out. Wilson had no intention of doing so until he was forced. Wilson and his administration also pressured a psychiatrist to pronounce these women insane, in particular one of their leaders, Alice Paul.

The 19th Amendment entered the Constitution August 26, 1920, after Tennessee added the final ratification.

So, the next time you hear the phrase “war on women” or think you’re making some kind of clever tweet about women’s rights – voting included, consider these little nuggets and what these women went through to secure their and our Constitutional rights. I think it  more than likely these ladies would look at the self-described feminists of our day and wonder if we have utterly forgotten what happened in Occoquan Prison.

Got that Whitney? How about the rest of you screechy, whining womyn? Now, re-read your pathetic tweet and go tell your grandmother you’re sorry. Ridiculous jackwagon.

More from Twitter

Because no one wants to watch what is turned into a preachy version of occupy? Don’t worry though, faithful water-carrying WRAL was streaming live.  Besides, Reverend Barber is getting his coveted air-time on MSNBC, so it’s all good. That’s the point of the arrests and theatrics right? National media attention?

Remember, this is the face of Moral Mondays and that’s the way he likes it.

UPDATE: Ask a Liberal to explain their skewed view of history and win the debate before it even starts. I get called a predator, a man and ‘ultra privileged’.

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