#MoralMondays: June 24th Edition

It was another Meltdown Moral Monday at the NC General Assembly today courtesy of the tantrum throwing Left. The usual suspects were there – NAACP, NARAL, Planned Parenthood, Occupy, NC Student Power Union, BluePrint NC, NC Justice Center, NC Policy Watch, along with a host of others. Last, but not least, the NC AFL-CIO was the big attraction this week.   More folks bused in because none of the thousands of employees in the multitude of state buildings flanking the NCGA wants to join their fracas:

It looks like there will be big numbers once again at today’s Moral Monday protests. Friends report (and this article confirms) that two busloads of outside agitators will be coming from Asheville alone this afternoon.

Click here to watch Rev. William Barber’s response to the Civitas Institute’s offensive mug shot website about the protesters. -Source: The Progressive Pulse

Perhaps that is because this ‘movement’ is not representative of NC like they claim.  Oh goodie! AGITATORS! Now we’re talkin’! Hey, my source tells me it was more than just two buses. They spotted five making drop offs while on their way to get the heck out of there. They were unable to get close enough to check the plates this time. Shame. I bet they were all from North Carolina though, don’t you?

I watched some of the speeches. Listened to Barber thunder on, sermonizing and demonizing. One could even characterize it as threatening; not unlike Occupy rhetoric.  It’s all about morality, racism, extremism and how awful it is that the grownups had to come in and clean up decades of Democrat made messes.  Real pity, that.  The only extremism I see is the messy, hypocrisy laden musings of a Reverend attempting to stay relevant.

Forward! Together! Water rights or…something.

Prior to today’s scheduled hissy fit, the first wave of protesters hit the courts. They want their cases dismissed, despite costing the taxpayers tens of thousands. Once again, our Liberal friends misunderstand or don’t know their history. Civil Disobedience has historical significance, but it also means taking the consequences along with the coveted media coverage.  Complaining you don’t want to pay after you scarfed down the whole meal is not just lame, but a crime. Time to ante up.

Once again, I assert this is not about any of the touchstone Liberal causes the Reverend is using to whip up a frenzy in the useful pawns that have decided to follow him into arrest. This is about the loss of control. The sheer volume Barber is yelling his slew of shaming labels attests to the panic in the Left in North Carolina. This state has voted not to become New York or California and they are in free fall.  Via Daily Haymaker:

Rob “Mr. Politics” Christensen says North Carolina politics has gone from “polarized to paranoid.”   The guy who was the first — and I think ONLY  – member of the news media to ever be physically removed from a NCGOP convention, says we are overreacting to what he and his comrades have been doing: […]Which brings me to the conservative fantasy – being flogged by Pope, Gov. Pat McCrory and other Republicans: that there is a vast Democratic conspiracy to take them down. Never have the Democrats had less clout in North Carolina. They have lost control of all three branches. The state Democratic Party is in disarray. The party’s sources of money have dried up. No new leaders have stepped forward. It’s best response so far has been getting arrested – a tactic traditionally reserved by the powerless in societies. And how did this vast Democratic conspiracy develop you might ask? Faced with what they knew would be an unstopped onslaught of Republican-backed legislation , liberal groups held a strategy session in December on how they might slow it down. A three-page memo was prepared by Jessica Laurenz, North Carolina director of America Votes, a liberal group that works with a coalition of other liberal groups. The memo says the Democrats didn’t have a prayer to pass anything they wanted, but their best shot was in “mitigating” the damage done by Republicans by crippling GOP leaders McCrory, House Speaker Thom Tillis and Senate Leader Phil Berger. The memo lays out numerous ideas, including videotaping GOP leaders’ speeches, hiring private detectives and in other ways attempting to “eviscerate the leadership and weaken their ability to govern.”

Videotaping, private detectives, evisceration… sounds pretty ‘extremist’ to me. Ah, our unbiased media… like the writer from the Asheville Citizen Times:

Get mom and pops in the car there, Casey.
Anyhoo — Let’s see some tweets from today’s mayhem, shall we? Let’s start with the crowd size estimates that seem a little out of whack given the average attendance (excluding the astroturfed June 3rd event) is around 300 people.

Remember, no one was arrested that didn’t hit the NAACP Lawyer meeting beforehand:

They even pushed granny off a cliff to get arrested:

Some said it was ‘just a thousand’:

Whoa, wait – no, it was 2,000:

Nah, that can’t be right. Yeah, it had to be 3,000 according to NC Policy Watch:

At this point, delusions of grandeur entered the picture… or rather, Hardball, which no one in their right mind watches:

Luckily, we return to planet Earth:

And the classy finale:

By the way, ABC11 doesn’t even mention crowd size at all in their evening report. You’d think if it was a big turn out that would be the headline, no?As of this post, WRAL didn’t even have a story up on it. I find that odd since WRAL has been such a wonderful supporter of Moral Mondays.

UPDATE 6/25: ABC11 Reporter says the NAACP said the crowd was 8,000 with 120 arrests. Damn! Hey NAACP – Share whatever you are smoking with the group!

The ABC 11 story this morning on their site scaled that back to a claim of 6,000 by the NAACP. The GA Police said closer to 1,500. Now we see the disconnect in vivid color: The NAACP sucks at math.

Sidenote: I reached out to the Wake County Sheriff about the P2C site where you can look up area arrests. They listed all the Moral Monday arrests until around June 10th. The response I received was that I should ask the arresting entity and that the Wake P2C site wasn’t putting them up — despite having done so for over a month. My next stop is the General Assembly Police. I’ll let you know what they say.

I’m really hoping the NCGA long session doesn’t go so much longer. These posts are getting to be more tedious than the recycled speeches, cliché signs and whatnot.   Moral Mondays just keeps preaching to their own choir. Over and over and over again.


UPDATED: Linked at ConMom – Thanks! Also, ConMom has a lot more in their link.

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  3. Alice Simon says:

    Actually EVERYONE but the very wealthiest North Carolinians LOST when this legislature was voted into office. Calling people from Asheville “outside agitators” suggests geographical ignorance…Sarah’s lack of intellectual curiousity about why 86% of Asheville residents (including MANY Republicans) opposed the NCGA taking over our water suggests further ignorance. Why wouldn’t you explore the factual basis of a situation? For the past 30 years, my husband and I paid property taxes in Asheville to help upgrade a deteriorating municipal water system. We now have one of the finest systems in the country, with our elected local officials overseeing its management (Sarah’s suggestion that the issue is simply about where the water bills are sent reflects an incredible lack of understanding about civic issues related to infrastructure). This system’s value has been estimated by several sources, the lowest being $56M and the highest (replacement cost) $900M. The state took it from us without paying the city one penny…and handed it to a regional board made up of non-elected (appointed) members…with representation on the board skewed in favor of a county with a fraction of the population. Members of the legislator never asked to discuss the plan in a civil manner…they simply told our city council if they didn’t turn it over to them, the state would take it. The City of Asheville is suing the state, so the takeover hasn’t occurred to date.

    I know this is complicated and it won’t fit comfortably into the Right-Wing sound bites about crazy protesters. I’m so troubled by the lack of understanding Lady Liberty conveys when spouting hateful barbs about things she doesn’t even want to understand.


    • Thanks for the comment.

      1. I didn’t call them ‘outside agigtators’, by the way.

      2. Everyone lost? No, you mean the Liberal Left in NC lost. The voters flipped both houses, that was no small undertaking and a very large rejection of the direction Democrats were taking this state. Sorry.

      3. If this problem has been deteriorating for the past 30 years, then how is this something to protest the GOP controlled legislature for? The Democrats were in control, where was your outrage during their terms? Perhaps you did get outraged, but no one heard about it until now it seems? Don’t you wonder why? Hint: Media.

      4. I understand it all too well and it isn’t that complicated, thanks. The point was that these protests are using everything but the kitchen sink to make a stink. I’ve covered a lot of protests, this one is a hot mess that in essence is giving the middle finger to the voting public. Understand THAT?


  4. Sarah says:

    I know that 2 of the buses came from Asheville, NC. I read about it in the paper. Many people who live in the city limits are mad that the state is taking over their water supply. I don’t live in the city so I’m not sure it matters who has control of the water. I suspect it might have something to do with who gets the money when people pay their water bill. I don’t think it would be too hard to find out where the other buses came from, since almost everything on the internet is public. I notice a lot of twitter photos. What about stuff on FB


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  6. Mike Craig says:

    I just want to ask them one question: “Did you vote in the last election?” If not, they have nothing to be whining about. If they did vote, well, they LOST. It happens. It happened to the GOP in North Carolina for the better part of a century…


  7. Seriously, don’t ANY of these Moron Monday people have JOBS??


    • Most are clergy, professors from Duke, UNC and various Leftist group people who claim ‘retired’ on their police reports.
      Except of course, the SEIU 1199 President and his healthcare exec director on June 3rd… they have jobs providing astrotuf. Kinda like the buses the AFL-CIO provided to bring more in yesterday.


    • Yep, a lot were old, white liberals with no jobs as well as the clergy etc. like ConMom said.
      Check out Civitas’s protester profile thing; breaks down who has a job and who doesn’t…but of course that’s “outrageous” that they posted public information. The same kind of information that WRAL posts on its own site too in fact.


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