#MoralMondays: July 15th Edition

It’s the eleventh Moral Monday.

Maybe they can get a bigger one and hit the Macy’s Day parade next year.
Moral Monday 11 – Screenshot from Amiris Live’s Ustream Feed.

What has the 11th Moral Monday brought? A giant pink uterus that says ‘Vote’ on it. Facepalm.

Hey, speaking of voting, let’s watch ‘Moral Monday: What’s Wrong with the North Carolina Democrats’. Hat Tip to Sister Toldjah.


Anyway, back to the eleventh Moral Monday

That’s right, this leftist temper tantrum has been held eleven times now. This one is about women’s health rights. Yay… more women holding signs with wire hangers or adisembodied uterus on them and chanting things that make me embarrassed to be a woman. These women don’t think, they just react. It’s disheartening to watch. (Related: #S353 Passes 3rd Reading At NCGA)

The Moral Monday crowd is also threatening to hold more, even if the NCGA ends their session. I say go for it. The folks in this state tuned it out weeks ago and articles like the one at the NY Times called ‘The Decline of North Carolina’ doesn’t rouse more to the Moral Monday cause, it reinforces the reason the legislature went Red in the first place. The NY Times piece from start to finish was a giant ball of fail and inaccuracies. Even with the errors aside it was also just…creepy.

Yeah, that’s pretty much dead on.

CNN is supposed to cover tonight’s protest. They started out tweeting a quote from McCrory — already, this is better than MSNBC’s attempt. I had to laughed seeing CNN show up at week eleven, though. MSNBC beat them here weeks ago. Of course, MSNBC wasn’t so much interested in covering the protest as a news item as they were promoting it. Journalism! Some deep thoughts from Twitter:

Uh, yeah think about that for a moment. Your ‘choice’ is to kill a baby or not. Derp?

They say that about just about every Moral Monday, by the way.

Useful Tweet from @AmirisLive, who also has a lot of the other rallies archived as well:

Then there was concern troll, Chris Hayes:

Of note, there is now a Moral Mondays Arrestees Facebook group:

If you have been arrested already, post a little info about your experience for future and prospective arrestees. If you have photos of the protests, or videos, please post those, too. Click in others you know who were at the protests. Members of this group (ostensibly) have already gotten aressted for “MARCHING DOWN THE FREEDOM WAY,” and are something like “the choir.” Most of us also belong to related groups where opinions and articles are shared. If you have not been arrested, or if you are deciding whether to participate at all, and how far you may want to go, please DO feel free to ask questions, but read our personal accounts FIRST. No particular rules exist, but manners are welcome, any trolls will be blocked. (so far, none spotted)

How nice of them to do that, since our tax paid public servants have cut off public access to these public records.  They have lots of photos. I liked this original drawing. It oozes classiness:

It’s also reassuring to see our unbiased media engaged with the arrestees:

One of the admins, Ainsley Briggs, is an occupier from Occupy Chapel Hill. Another, Bibi Bowman, is a self-proclaimed “Bleeding-Heart Red Commie Liberal Progressive Socialist” according to her Facebook page. Bowman is also some sort of artist.  The last admin, Chris Hinton, appears to be a photographer. He covers NAACP events quite a bit and has had his work featured by the Institute for Southern Studies with regard to Moral Monday.

Interesting side note about the Institute for Southern Studies, they employ one Chris Kromm. Kromm is a Moral Mondays attendee and arrestee.  Kromm wrote for The Nation, which is tied to NationBuilders. Why is that important? Nationbuilders is one of the host  sources behind a little website I spotted called ‘MoralNC.org‘.   There is more to the interwoven relationships here, but that will have to wait for my #RecycledActivists article.(Related: Thank and Support Moral Mondays)

** The arrests haven’t really started yet, so check back on this article later.

Arrests Updates 7/16:

James Protzman is a Democrat who ran for governor. Looks like consensus is 101 this time. Last week it was 64. Improvement! (Civitas Database link to arrestees here.)

  • ABC11 says 101. Funny thing, they ran a headline that also said 1,800 arrested in DWI. So…You’re more likely to get arrested in NC for drunk driving than protesting our legislature? Heh.
  • WRAL concurred and reported 101.
  • WUNC also has 101. 

Crowd Updates 7/16:

I contacted GAP. They told me they estimated the crowd at around 1,200-1,400 at its peak. Poor Rob Schofield. Wrong again.

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