#MoralMondays: Those who want to be arrested attend a ‘meeting’.

Sometimes Twitter is a useful tool.  Apparently, those who want to be arrested attend a meeting to coordinate doing so. After, the NAACP and their lawyers take care of them. Meanwhile, the taxpayers take care of the overtime police and court costs.

Look for the arm-bands. That’s who was arrested and I already found them all.

Was brave Leader Reverend Barber was on the list?  I didn’t find evidence of that.

So then, is this the NAACP and their lawyers baked goods table?

We’re being told the protests are all about making the legislature ‘hear them’. O.k., so it looks like Angela Bryant is listening:

Cue more media attention from MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry:

She’s sort of the the Natasha Lennard of the Moral Mondays movement but using the Dylan Ratigan approach.  These protests are not using any new tricks. We’ve seen the arrest tactics to garner media attention in civil disobedience before, most memorably during Occupy and the Wisconsin capital protests. Hey, speaking of Wisconsin, I spotted this picture on Twitter of Moral Monday inside the NCGA by @AriBerman:


They get a few more union outfits to bus in folks and it might look like Wisconsin. But let’s hope it doesn’t look like the end result in Wisconsin:

Image via Idea Stream


Again, I maintain this is not about any one topic or issue the legislature is dealing with no matter what these people say. This is about the Democrats losing control of the NC General Assembly and the Left having a hissy. This is about the 2014 elections. Period.


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