#MoralMondays: July 8th Edition

It’s the 10th Moral Monday.

Sigh. Yeah, I know — they’re still going on.  To say this is getting tedious would be an understatement.  Dear NCGA, finish up already eh? There is an end in sight though people, take heart:

Or maybe that tweet means there will be 13 rallies held on August 28th? Hard to tell from the grammar. They had characters left, perhaps this Twitter account could take the time to use them and be more specific? Then again, this movement isn’t about specifics, it’s about ramping up rhetoric and hysteria.

Next Monday is an all woman Moral Monday. How sexist. Probably more lovely signs with disembodied uterus’ on them.  This Moral Monday was titled ‘By The Numbers‘. Then the Twitter account for the NAACP in NC proceeded to throw out numbers related to their protest. These are the tweets I located:

500k under $9? I couldn’t locate such a number, but let’s assume that’s correct and proceed. At least they have a job? 500k sounds like a big number until you realize there are 4,744,565 in our workforce suffering through 8.9% state unemployment — one of the highest in the nation.  Statewide, according to the latest report, NC paid out $2,609,416, 592 in benefits.

Again, not sure where they pulled $242.2 million from since the tweet is vague. None of the articles out there breaking down the budget seem to have that statistic, not even NCGA bashing WRAL. What do they mean “current service levels”?  It could be a compilation of all education related reductions or they could just be confused and are quoting the increase in the budget for 2012-13, which was state to be $242.2 million. Related: FY 2013-14 House Budget Plan: Spending Similar to Senate, Differs on Tax Reform and School Choice

Again – where are they getting this number from and what specifically is it referring to? If I had to guess, the closest thing is I can think of is adjustment in Medicaid money held back by the state. There is a nice side by side comparison of the House and Senate on that at North Carolina Healthcare News or Budget Section 12H.19.(a)

LOL. So they admit that one got caught? How many didn’t?  Fraud at our polls exists in multiple forms, the Left’s attempts to dismiss it are built on logical fallacies and false dichotomies. In today’s society who doesn’t have SOME form of official ID? The idea it is a financial burden is simply not true given the numerous forms accepted. Perhaps all the money Democrats spend driving people to the polls could be spent on helping folks enter the 21st century? Nah, they prefer to have a nice crop of ‘victims’ beholden to them. Flashback: Voter Fraud Suddenly Now Isn’t A Myth To Democrats

Yes, they did reject federal money. NC is already in the hole for $3 billion in extended unemployment aid to the Fed as it is. We can’t afford more, it’s that simple.  You can thank Bev Perdue and her double extensions and look to the Oval Office. I seem to recall the President promising that he was going to focus on jobs yet he’s done nothing of the sort.

What is this in reference to and, again, assuming that is correct — how much of an increase? Conversely, how much of an increase on those making over $80k? Is it the sales tax proposal? Because that is also tied to a tax cut in personal rates that offset it, raising incomes overall. Since this claim is also vague with no reference point just like the others, it’s hard to speculate.

I note that none of these tweets have links to support their claims. I’ll cut ’em some slack, 140 characters can be limiting, however by being vague with scary looking numbers in order to sway public opinion is not a very moral route, NAACP. It amounts to fear mongering.

Anyway, I responded with some numbers of my own:



Oh, I almost forgot the arrests. There were ‘about 60’. Emphasis added is mine:

Dozens arrested at tenth week of “Moral Monday” protests at General Assembly

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – About 60 people have been arrested inside the North Carolina legislature for protesting the policies advanced by the Republican majority.
The arrests bring the total for the past 10 weeks of “Moral Monday” protests to well over 700 taken to jail, nearly all charged with disorderly conduct, trespassing and violating building rules.
Shortly before more than 2,000 people gathered outside the legislative building for the weekly rally, Gov. Pat McCrory said he doesn’t think “peripheral issues” will hurt his administration’s efforts to attract new businesses to the state.
The Republican governor added that he welcomes protests as long as they’re lawful and continue to be nonviolent. He said arresting protesters is still an appropriate use of limited state resources if those expressing opposition are getting in the way of governing.

Well, they’ve stayed non-violent so far. I give them credit for that considering they astroturfed with unions twice now and we know how that can end up. The worst they seem to be able to do is threaten:

Speaking of being lawful:

Right. I’m sure they’ll be obeying that. What a farce.

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