#MeltdownMonday – June 3rd Edition

It’s Moral Meltdown Monday again in Raleigh! It’s not just Any Moral Meltdown Monday, it’s…


For more about Barber and his arrest antics read: Playing the Bus Card

Everyone get excited for more arrests, chanting and festivities in front of the state legislature! By the way, no one gets arrested at these things that doesn’t want to be. It’s a stunt for media attention.  The gang will all be there, with the NAACP and AFL CIO leading the charge.  Oh and Occupy Raleigh is going to show up too, what fun! We know how mostly peaceful things stay when Occupy joins in. Sorry if I seem a little flip about these protests, but living in the Triangle region makes one a little fed up with Barber and his endless three ring circuses.

This MEGA Meltdown Monday is special though, it even have a snazzy video complete with slogan:

Join the Forward Together Movement for a Moral Monday Mass Rally and Action on Monday, June 3, 2013 at 5:00 pm. The 5th Wave of Moral Mondays will lift up three pillars of democracy: Education, Economic Justice and Voting Rights.

“Don’t try to make this about Black and White, this is about right and wrong!” – Rev. Barber

Yeah, whatever. Nothing is about right and wrong with Barber. He’s not interested in what’s right, he’s just interested in slamming Republicans no matter what and has been ever since they took control of the NCGA. Everything is about Black and White to Barber, because RACISM! So shut up you Teabaggers!  Now go read this misleading lede from WRAL’s ‘professional journalist’ Laura Leslie and hush.

The NAACP sure is fired up. They’re even doing a statewide tour, so no one will miss out on the arrests:

The Forward Together Movement Mobilizes Local Communities to Fight Back Against Extremism in NC General Assembly

RALEIGH – The 25-stop Forward Together Movement Local Organizing Tour will launch tomorrow in Raleigh and crisscross North Carolina over the next two weeks, spreading the word about the Tea Party-backed extremist forces who have high-jacked the NC General Assembly.

More video and outrage at the NAACP site. You know, the NAACP in NC is a 501(c)4. Wonder if they were harassed by the IRS?  Hmm. Well, it doesn’t matter because the Executive Council of the North Carolina Democratic Party passed a resolution today:

Resolution in Support of Moral Mondays

“WHEREAS, our great state of North Carolina is being dragged back into the 19th Century by Republican legislators passing regressive legislation signed into law by Republican Governor Pat McCrory.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the the North Carolina Democratic Party supports the Moral Monday effort at the NC General Assembly to show our objection to these regressive actions; and

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the North Carolina Democratic Party encourages Democrats to go to the NC General Assembly in Raleigh to support Moral Mondays.”

“Regressive actions” translated = THAT’S RAAAACIST!

Updates will be posted after the mayhem ensues, that is of course unless they get rained out which is highly likely given the forecast.


10:40 AM Update – NARAL joins the party:

And Occupy.. with live stream. No such stream is found yet on Ustream as of this morning.:

This Amaris Brown person is quite the charmer.

1:30 PM Update- Melissa ‘All your kids are belong to Us’ Harris Perry to attend?

1:45 PM Update – I snarfed my drink laughing at this parody with accompanying image below

Oh, we have a shout out from the left:

5:30 PM Update – Occupy Raleigh offshoot, NC Student Power Union, posts this on their Facebook page:

A truly landmark day in NC as thousands head to the capital to stand for justice. We will not let our lawmakers defund our futures and cut our opportunities. Forward together, not one step back!

LiveStream Feed here. Sounds is missing. Fail.  As I said, the whole point is to get arrested:

And having to prove who you are to vote is, of course, voter suppression – so sayeth race hustler Reverend Barber:

Hasn’t occurred to anyone that this one has more people because every lefty group out there decided to show up.

More pictures via @Tori_Bragg on Twitter:

No, actually… this is the Left throwing a temper tantrum and protesting the GOP just to protest the GOP:

5:45 PM Update – Oh look, Lefty Mayor Chilton has decided he wants to be arrested too. Felt left out I guess. Stay classy!

Another picture via @JustinConley on Twitter:

5:55 PM Update – We find the hackneyed and tired ‘GOP hate the poor’ meme. I’m sure a social justice tweet is out there somewhere too.

Just like I said, no one gets arrested that doesn’t want to be:

And now for a LOL:

6:06 PM Update: Planned Parenthood in the house – because, MY BODY MY CHOICE…and YOU PAY FOR IT OR ELSE!

And now for a moment of truth:

Followed by a LOL:

Now it comes out why the big crowd, NC Justice Center sent out an attack mailer and it was written up by none other than WRAL hack, Laura Leslie :

Melissa ‘All Your Kids Belong To Us’ Harris Perry actually showed up (via Sean Langberg on Twitter):

And another Occupy/NC Student Power person who wants to be arrested:

6:20 PM Update – The buses are ready to haul off those who are just dying to get arrested. Crowd being told to disperse.

WRAL makes sure everyone knows creepy Melissa Harris Perry is there:

Quote yanked from Twitter:

 In Raleigh NC at the Moral Monday protest against the extremists conservative state legislative agenda.” – Melissa Perry Harris

Extremist? You mean like the state taking care of our kids instead of parents? My God that woman creeps me out.

Occupy makes sure they’re being paid attention to:

6:27 PM Update- And…. TOUCHDOWN!  National attention in order to attempt to shame the NCGA, of whom the people elected to clean up the Democrat mess left by Perdue and her ilk:

And the Mayor of Carborro just got arrested. What a resume enhancer! Via Dianne Gallagher on Twitter:

More arrests are now happening. I’m not linking to them — the attention is what they want. It’s the same tactic used by Occupy. Color me not only unimpressed but embarrassed for them.

6:35 PM Update – More arrests. I’ll have the tally later as I am sure WRAL will post it since they were there. Only ones of real note are 4 Carborro Aldermen and the Mayor of Carborro.  Quick rundown of the attendees list which is a who’s who of the Organized Left in NC :

  • NCAE
  • Occupy Raleigh
  • NC Student Power Union
  • Occupy NCSU
  • Planned Parenthood
  • NC Justice Center

Special Guest Star: MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry



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  1. You're Hilarious says:

    Man, let me tell you HOW. VIOLENT. it got when Occupy Raleigh showed up! Oh wait… it totally didn’t…

    NC Student Power Union is not an offshoot of Occupy Raleigh. Get your facts straight. (Like that’s even possible!)


    • Who said anything about violence? Just you.
      I have my facts straight, dear. Yes they really are – go read the occupy raleigh site. Same players, different stage. Look familiar?

      Occupy Raleigh Discussion / Re: Todays News
      « by RachelPowell on April 30, 2013, 08:19:36 am »

      …… can support the NC Student Power Union students here: https://www. ……


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