#MoralMondays: July 1st Edition Updates

Monday was the 9th ‘Moral Monday’. Full coverage and highlights of what was ignored by our shill media is here: #MoralMondays: July 1st Edition

Updates to Monday’s coverage that I didn’t want to get lost in that post:

WRAL sticks with their flawed math on counting the number of out of state arrestees to figure out the overall number of astroturf attendees: More out-of-staters arrested in latest protest

WRAL made a little admission here that I am sure most blew off. Emphasis added:

Of 82 people arrested Monday, documents show 11, or 8.5 percent, were from out of state. Of those 11, seven were from New York, and one each was from New Jersey, Ohio, Arizona and Texas.

Documents? What documents? The Wake Sheriff P2C site has stopped posting the Moral Monday arrest records. What documents is WRAL’s Mark Binker referring to? He was AT the July 1st event with the always professional Laura Leslie, did he not witness any of the van and busloads from out of state? Apparently not.

Transparency in arrests seems to have become quite an issue, more so than just not reporting the arrests on the P2C site.  Civitas has noted that top law officials are refusing to photograph or fingerprint those arrested and ‘considering’ issuing citations instead. On top of that is the Raleigh Police’s affiliation with the NAACP. Via Civitas:

A final note: Civitas discovered an apparent irony with regard to law enforcement operations at the General Assembly. The Raleigh Police Department has been assisting the General Assembly police with crowd control. Given the relatively small size of the General Assembly police department, the Raleigh Police Department actually provides most of the manpower at each protest.

According to the organizers (HKonJ) of Moral Monday, Teamsters Local 391 is a “coalition partner” of the weekly protests. One of the members of Teamsters Local 391 happens to be the Raleigh Police Protective Association, a police union that comprises ”over 600 active Raleigh Police members.” So it would appear that the leaders of the police union are encouraging and organizing the very people that the members of the union later have to arrest. Do police officers know how much needless extra work their union is causing them?

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Meanwhile, the theme of the July 1st event was cutting extended unemployment benefits. Carolina Journal reports on the ‘bogus numbers’ floating around in our local media:

The dispute over how many North Carolinians eventually will be affected continues. Folwell, North Carolina’s assistant secretary of employment security, said “the 170,000 is a number that the [U.S.] Department of Labor is using under a completely false assumption” — the assumption that no unemployed person will accept a job until all unemployment insurance benefits are exhausted.

“The fact is that every week [an unemployed person applies for benefits], you have to certify that you are ready, that you are able, that you are seeking, and that you are available for work.” Folwell said the Labor Department’s extrapolation doesn’t take those factors into account.

The current estimate of 170,000 is nearly double the 87,000 who were expected to lose benefits immediately when Congress initially planned to end emergency federal unemployment compensation at the end of 2012.

Folwell said he never saw a projection of how much higher that number would be over the entire calendar year of 2013, adding, “Nobody’s ever been able to tell me how they got that [170,000] number.”

Read the whole thing.

Stay tuned, more hyperbole and faux hysteria coming today as the Left in NC prepares to meltdown Hail Satan style.



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  1. csoeder says:

    Uhhh… the stats don’t lie. Even a total of 19 out of state arrestees is a drop in the bucket.

    It’s exceptionally clear, looking at the demographics of the arrestees, that they are a homegrown group.



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