@WRAL Beclowns Itself In Debunk Attempt of #MoralMonday Attendance

WRAL is nearly falling over itself to rush to the aid of the NAACP and Moral Mondays:

Of the 388 people who have been arrested over those six weeks, arrest records indicate only eight – or 2 percent – are from out of state. While not all who come to the rallies get arrested, the records provide the best verifiable snapshot into the makeup of the protesters. (link)

Wow WRAL. Hacktastic!  By their logic, because only two people from out of state were arrested at the June 3rd event, it then follows no significant number of out of state people were possibly there.  That giant jump in attendance from a few hundred to over 1,000 was just momentum…after being off for two weeks. Right, sure.

Except it wasn’t.

See, WRAL just tried to spread it out over all the protests, when really only one was influenced and they know it. June 3rd.
The two arrested were the SEIU 1199 President and his Executive Director of their healthcare group. They are from NYC and so were the three confirmed buses that showed up; two bearing NY plates and one bearing a NJ plate.

Yes, WRAL – the June 3rd event was astroturfed and you just played apologist defender.  Guess what? The GOP claims there was an outside influence were correct.

“We can’t account for the whole crowd.”  – Mark Binker

No, you can’t because none of you hacks were on the ground covering it, you were more concerned making sure everyone knows how many arrests were involved or getting sound clips of GOP representatives defending themselves. Press, press, press! Spin, spin spin!

I like how you sent Binker in there, the pal of Goodmon’s golden boy Fitzsimon.


In February the story broke about a Left leaning non-profit named Blueprint NC and a memo that was leaked, which called for the ‘eviscerating’ of top Republicans in the state. An attack on Governor McCory was front and center.

At the time, the story was broken both in the Charlotte Observer and at WRAL by Mark Binker.  What Binker and WRAL blew off telling readers in the initial reports was that WRAL’s owner, Jim Goodmon, has a foundation which gave money to Blueprint NC and that former WRAL reporter, Chris Fitzsimon, is also linked to the Goodmon foundation as his own group, NC Policy Watch, is housed in the same place. Fitzsimon still regularly enjoys airtime at WRAL radio.

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