#MeltdownMonday – June 3rd Edition Arrests

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Yesterday was the 4th installment of “Moral Mondays” organized by the NAACP in front of the NC General Assembly.  I’ve retitled them Meltdown Mondays, which is exactly what they are. No costumes this time, but I have high hopes for the next one.  Highlights included Melissa Harris Perry showing up in order to apply her own brand of creepy shame, a couple of social justice speeches, chanting, singing and of course, more arrests.  Without arrests and a big hoopla surrounding it, the media and people get bored and tune out. This is how Occupy did it, but they eventually wore out their welcome and people’s patience. ABC11 hits the nail on the head in the middle of their report:

Protesters have been seeking to call attention to the rightward shift of the state legislature, which was dominated for decades by moderate Democrats.

Yep. Elections have consequences.

“Mega Moral Monday”

The turnout was larger than last time, even with a week off, police said 1,000 and protesters said 1,600. Usually a break like that kills momentum and crowds are smaller, so what gives? What gives is the various Lefty organizations coordinating behind the scenes to pump up the numbers. Via watching the streaming online video, watching Twitter and noting the signage, the following groups were there:

  • NCAE
  • Occupy Raleigh
  • NC Student Power Union
  • Occupy NCSU
  • Planned Parenthood
  • NC Justice Center
  • SEIU

That probably isn’t all of them either. I added SEIU to the list since they clearly where there (ABC11), emphasis added:

Among those who stood outside the state Senate’s door awaiting arrest was George Gresham, president of the Service Employees International Union’s United Healthcare Workers East, which represents nearly 400,000 members from Florida to Massachusetts. He said the state’s policies go against the working poor, and the growing momentum of the NAACP’s demonstrations will catch fire elsewhere.

We need this fight in the whole country, and if we’re going to begin in North Carolina, so be it,” Gresham said.

This isn’t about NCGA and its policies, this is about the 2014 elections.  I warned folks to watch what the organized Left was doing here in NC, this is a big part of why.

Probably related to the increased numbers is the misleading attack mailer sent out by NC Justice Center and promoted by WRAL’s Laura Leslie. After all, NC Justice Center has been holding hands with the NAACP since day one of the shift in majority at the NCGA. If you’re unfamiliar with them, NC Justice Center is the entity that housed Blueprint NC, the author of the memo calling on the Left in NC to “cripple” the leadership and “eviscerate” the opposition. Read: WRAL Silent On Internal Link To BluePrint NC’s Attack Memo

Back to NC Justice Center and the NAACP. Notice a similar theme?

Snippet of the article that goes with the ad above:

“People of faith have a crucial role to play in urging our lawmakers to take the Murray approach and pass a moral budget that includes new revenues.  More revenues are critical to protecting children, the poor, and the elderly from unnecessary and harmful spending cuts.

Tell our Senators to remember the lesson of the loaves and fishes. Just as there was enough to feed the 5,000 in 1st century Galilee, there’s still enough to go around in 21st century America—as long as we pass moral budgets with a balanced approach that include new revenues, protects the “least of these,” and helps rebuild our economy.”

Wow. The Left uses religion when it suits their purposes.I think they forgot the one about giving a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime.

Back to the arrests, because that’s the whole point of these scheduled temper tantrums. There were 151 arrests this week. WRAL’s headline reads ” More than 150 arrested at Mega Moral Monday“. Makes it sound like a lot more than 150 that way. Nice lede, WRAL! Arrests by week:

  • May 6 – 30
  • May 13 – 49
  • May 20 – 57
  • June 3 – 151

Don’t feel bad for them, they chose to do this — remember, without arrests no media. The more arrests the more likely national media catches it and then their shame campaign gains traction.  It’s a version of occupy minus the tents.

Don’t feel bad for them, they have ‘goodies’ waiting:

For a full rundown including pictures, read my article from yesterday: #MeltdownMonday – June 3rd Edition.

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