Voter ID: Clearly Missing The Point

No matter how dismissive the Left and Democrats are about it, Voter Fraud exists. The usual arguments are something along the lines of ‘it happens in isolated incidents’ or ‘it’s not widespread’ or something similar. The main theme being they admit it happens but it’s not that big of a deal.


It’s only the activity that determines and shapes our governments and political landscape. So what’s the big deal if 53,000 dead people are still on the voter rolls in Florida? It’s only a key state to determine the Presidency. No biggie. What’s a few illegal votes anyway? It’s just like speeding — it’s also against the law but everyone does it from time to time and most of us get away with it.

How dare we want to protect the most important action a citizen of this country can take? Who do we think we are attempting to make sure the person voting is really who they say they are? What is wrong with us that we want to make sure a legal vote isn’t being canceled out by a fraudulent one?  Oh. The. Horror.

The Democrats and the Left want everyone to think the evil Conservatives are out to disenfranchise the poor, women, minorities, the elderly and even Tiny Tim. Their argument about disenfranchisement is really rather thin, if not altogether lame and bordering on mythology. There are a number of things you need to be a working, functioning citizen in this country that require ID. There are also very basic interactions that require ID that are undertaken by millions of the poor, women, minorities, and the elderly probably on a regular basis – like cashing a check, buying a beer, a pack of cigarettes, applying for welfare, applying for food stamps, driving a car, getting on a plane, registering your kid for school, and entering a State or Federal facility or office are just a handful.

All of these are inconvenient facts busting the narrative that the Right is trying to keep people from voting simply because their eeeeeevil!  Point of fact, their narrative is actually partly true. Much to the chagrin of the Left, the Right is trying to keep some people from voting: People who shouldn’t be voting in the first place.

Clearly, Anti-VoterID pushers are missing the point.

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