#MoralMonday: @WRAL In Full CYA Mode For NAACP, Lefties

If you thought WRAL couldn’t bend over backwards any further to legitimize the NAACP’s “Moral Monday”, you were wrong. A crack team of ‘researchers’, mainly from UNC Chapel Hill, have now decided to show up and poll the crowd. All 317 of them. It’s worth noting that quite a number of UNC Chapel Hill employees have been among those arrested in prior weeks.

Funny side note: I zinged WRAL about not having reporters actually out checking out the crowd and voila, now we have a whole team of researchers out there! Fun coincidence.

Researchers find ‘Moral Monday’ crowd mostly from North Carolina

Raleigh, N.C. — A team of researchers say a survey of the crowd at tonight’s “Moral Monday” protest shows that at least 311 of 317 of those surveyed are from North Carolina.

The protests, which have been led by the NAACP, have been organized to express opposition to a number of policies put forward by the Republican-controlled legislature. Spending on health care and changes to voting procedures have been staple targets of the protests, although tonight’s speeches focused on the environment and women’s health.

During the past two weeks, lawmakers and other high-profile Republicans, including state party chairman Claude Pope, have dismissed the protesters as “outsiders.” That line has been refined in recent days to say that there are “outside influences” on the protests. In fact, groups such as the Washington, D.C.-based Advancement Project have helped provide organization and media outreach for protesters.

That’s special, WRAL. Nice try. Your story and these researchers address THIS week’s protest, but not the June 3rd one.  WRAL and the NAACP desperately want everyone to forget how after two weeks between protests that drew at most 250 people, suddenly there were over 1,000. It was magic.

On June 3rd, the number of people allegedly swelled over 1,000. That increase was due to influx of SEIU astroturf. WRAL came out hard denying that any out of towners were there pumping up the numbers by basing their crowd estimate on out-of-state attendees arrested over the course of all the protests to date.  How stupid does WRAL think readers are?

What is funny is that their crack team of ‘researchers’ did confirm what I’ve been saying from the start. The crowd is mainly ticked off, old, White Liberals. In fact, overwhelmingly so:

Ethnicity Count Percentage
White 250 79.9%
African American 53 16.9%
Hispanic 6 1.9%
Asian/Pacific Islander/ Indian 4 1.3%

Gee, imagine that.

WRAL has also reported that 84 arrests were made yesterday. WRAL must have a special relationship with the Wake County Sheriff or General Assembly Police –because the ability to look up these arrests on the P2co website has been axed for the average tax paying citizen.

The costs are well over $30k at this point and this last round will raise that number. The taxpayers are on the hook for these costs including a lot of police overtime. The police we pay for have no blocked our access to look up who was arrested. Add to that the NAACP’s personal news outlet, WRAL, and you have one nice little transparency killing propaganda machine.

The Chicago Way has come to North Carolina.

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A.P. Dillon is a reporter currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_ Tips: APDillon@Protonmail.com
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  3. John Cotterman says:

    The ethnicity breakdown parallels that of NC’s population. Looks pretty representative to me. And “ticked off?” Geesh, what compassionate citizen wouldn’t be?


    • What does the NC population overall have to do with it? I’ve never stated it the NAACP rally was not representative of the population, but those promoting it have touted the diversity there. Not really that diverse eh? In fact, it looks a lot like a Tea Party rally — according to the Left and NAACP. Nice try.
      Compassion as nothing to do with these rallies, it’s just how they dragged useful idiots out there. It’s about control of the NCGA.


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