#MoralMondays: Tugging At Those Heartstrings

There’s a little poster I saw on Twitter that I followed to a Facebook page yesterday:

It’s so horrifying to see an elderly man with a cane in zip ties being led away by police isn’t it?  Really tugs on those heartstrings. Those evil Republicans are having people arrested. Not just any people either — the elderly! My. God. The. Horror.

Yes, it’s a tear jerker…Except that this man volunteered.

Meet Robert Plummer. He’s 83 and a Korean War Veteran.  He’s from Carthage, North Carolina and he volunteered.  He went to a meeting before the Moral Monday on July 22nd and signed up to be arrested. He was even given a nice green arm ribbon so he was identifiable to the  General Assembly police and his fellow protesters.

Look closer at the original picture for yourself via Andrew Dye at Journal Now and note the green ribbon on the arm the police officer is holding:

Still not convinced? Look at this one, note the green arm ribbon on the arm exposed in the shot. Here’s one of the church where they meet before the protests to get said arm ribbons.

These arrests are choreographed. Let’s be clear:

No one is arrested who does not wish to be.

The only purpose behind these arrests is to draw more media attention. It’s not about having a dialogue. It’s not about defiance. It’s about press coverage for what boils down to a temper tantrum over control. It’s about the spotlight on Reverend Barber — the man who, with a straight face, compared Trayvon Martin to Emmett Till.

That is not civil disobedience. That is show business.

Back to Plummer the Volunteer

Like all the others from Moore County who’ve been arrested, Plummer praised officers for the way they handled his arrest.

“I must say law enforcement treated us so nicely. I have never seen such courtesy from law enforcement. I was a union president and marched with King across the Pettis Bridge. There was a difference of 180 degrees.” Source – The Pilot

Let’s just put aside that the group touting “MORAL” in the name of their protest is out collecting the elderly as props to line up and be arrested and hit the original poster in the facts:

  1. The image has nothing to do with Democracy and everything to do with propaganda.
  2. No Republican was involved in his arrest.
  3. Plummer was not mistreated, rather quite the opposite as the man stated himself.

By Plummer’s own account, he seems rather happy to be protesting again ‘like the old days’ and is former secretary of the NAACP — the very organization running Moral Mondays. He’s also a former union president. To be certain, I’m not making light of his participation nor his right to do so. I am questioning motives a bit though. Mr. Plummer doesn’t mention specifics, just that things are being done ‘in the dark’.  Perhaps it’s the NAACP keeping him and others like him in the dark? NC NAACP’s Reverend Barber is well-known for his theatrics and rhetoric, not so much for sticking to facts. Related: #MoralMondays: Rev. Barber Politicizes Martin Verdict (video)

Please, read the whole article at The Pilot and ask yourself: Do you think this man has read the Bill or is he just going by what he’s been told/heard in the media?

An even better question: Have you read it?

Don’t believe the romanticized, fact-light drive by reports, the local NC Media, Twitter or even this blog. Read the Bills Yourself. Make up your own mind.

Search for bills at the NC General Assembly.

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2 Responses to #MoralMondays: Tugging At Those Heartstrings

  1. Todzilla says:

    This guy should have just left the plastic cuff’s on and stayed in jail for the false claim he made about being UDT. Why can’t his service alone been good enough? When in this country did only being the Tier 1 portion/percent be the only honorable military service one could serve! I am proud of every Veteran. 100% of us. Shame on you old man, and shame on this writer, and paper for printing garbage. ToddZilla Pensacola Beach Fl.


  2. g1naroye says:

    I find it absurd that a man who claims to be a man of God would look first to propaganda rather than facts or even what Yeshua taught, love. I know the day is coming where these race biters, liars and thieves are going to have to pay the price for what they’ve done in the name of The Lord. You’d think that if this Trayvon ordeal broke their hearts this bad, aborting their whole entire race would really disturb them. Crickets meet bloviating crickets who are up in arms about a thug but not the innocent child that is brutally butchered in the safest place in the world, the womb.


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