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#NCED Updates: School Choice Event coming to Raleigh, State Board of Ed updates, spending fact and Quiet Epidemic updates

In this edition of NCED Updates: An upcoming School Choice event in Raleigh, State Board of Education updates, a contract fight, some facts about education and per-pupil spending and Quiet Epidemic updates. Continue reading

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#NCED Updates: Per Pupil Spending, Whiplash and Higher Ed news

This installment of NC Ed updates includes the lastest per-pupil spending figures in North Carolina as well as the whiplash induced by Tom Campbell’s education articles and some higher Ed news and general headlines.  Continue reading

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Lt. Governor Forest Takes On NC Per Pupil Spending [Video]

Various professional education protest groups (Aim Higher NC and their parent organization, Progress NC) have been up in arms for years about teacher pay and retention.

Now, these outfits are harping on per-pupil funding and supplies teachers buy out of their own pockets. Continue reading

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Math Is Hard for #WCPSS’s Tom Benton

Wake County School Board member, Tom Benton, might be a Common Core math victim. Recently Benton told the News and Observer that per pupil spending was still “behind the 2008 level”:

“When we look at the amount of money per student, we are still behind the 2008 level,” said Wake County school board chairman Tom Benton. “The money from the state government has not kept pace with the growing student population.”

Is that true? What does the Department of Public Instruction’s (DPI) statistics say?

If you strictly go by DPI’s Fast Fact numbers which ignore the 5 year average capital dollars, then yes it would be. What is also lagging is federal dollars. Local dollars, however, are pretty close. Continue reading

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Dispatches From The Big Ed Complex: Per Pupil Spending Narrative Returns

In the most recent NC Public School Forum (NCPSF) newsletter was a partial reprint of an article at Washington Post about per pupil spending.

The ‘per pupil spending’ narrative has returned. More money, it’s always the answer! No. No it’s not.


Continue reading

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WRAL Concerned About #WCPSS ‘Student Growth’

In the last week, there have been a number of articles about student growth in Wake County Schools.

Some of these articles focused on what role Wake schools play in boosting the local economy. These articles, in my opinion, are laying a narrative groundwork for a coming bond proposal or tax increase.

We already know the Wake County Commissioners are ready to raid our wallets and have already given Wake County schools more money. It’s not enough, they will claim as they point to articles like the one I am about to deconstruct.

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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What They’re Saying About Education In NC – 11/20/15 – #NCED

A round up of education news in the state of North Carolina and beyond.

Highlights: Snowflakes attack at UNC, WCPSS fight video, CMS’s changing Enrollment numbers, NCAE double dip and follow the NC Ed Money. Continue reading

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