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Wake County School Board Races – Find Your Race

There are eighteen candidates running for the Wake County School Board across nine districts. Five of the nine districts have multiple candidates. Four races have candidates running unopposed and of those four, three of the races are incumbents.

This packed race is arguably one of the most important ones for Wake county, which has over 157, 000 students and is currently the 17th largest school district in the country.

Who is running in your district? Continue reading

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Wake Sheriff puts WCPSS School Board on the spot over Bathroom Policy

Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison is not amused at the fact that Wake County School System has been dodging clarifying their locker and bathroom policies.
Recently, Harrison called out the school system on their lack of clarity. Harrison threatened to pull his resource officers out unless the situation was addressed. Continue reading

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Fed Court: Plaintiffs Failed To Prove Anything in Wake District Map Case – #ncpol

A Federal Court Judge rejected the challenges to the Wake county school board and Wake county commissioners maps yesterday.

Federal court rejects challenge to #Wake Cty districts https://t.co/tXPRPZ1QyN
Plaintiffs failed to prove anything pic.twitter.com/3BXEVfNIZW

— A.P. Dillon – LL1885 (@LadyLiberty1885) March 2, 2016

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#WCPSS School Board Ticked Off School Choice Is Booming

Another day, another set of echo chamber remarks from the “equity” obsessed Wake County School Board.

At the Wake Board’s recent retreat, the board was ticked off that school choice, in the form of Charter schools, is booming in the district. Instead of asking why, their response was to sling insults at charter schools and by proxy, parents choosing charters for their children. Continue reading

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Want Your Child To Transfer To A Different School In Wake Cty? It Might Not Happen.

File this one under: We will force schools to be ‘diverse’ at all costs.

The Wake County School Board is can’t be bothered with parents who want their child to change schools within the district according to a report at the News and Observer.

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