#MeltDownMonday – Wake County Dems Praise Protests

This past Monday saw another round of arrests at “Moral Mondays” in front of the NCGA. The Left is very upset their decades of rule have come to an end.

The voters of the state overwhelmingly voted them out, flipping over 28 seats to do it. That’s a pretty powerful statement about how people felt the Democrats were running things in North Carolina.

With the repeal of Obamacare gaining more traction, the Democrats are panicking they will be shut out in 2014 too. Cue the protests about social issues and ‘regressive’ agendas.

Dan Blue III

Dan Blue III, Wake Dem Chair


The Wake County Democrats, led by Dan Blue, have come out supporting these protests. This past Monday, were 151 useful idiots in all who were arrested and those that were wanted to be arrested. That’s how getting big press and national attention works.

Remember Occupy? Well, it seems that the Wake County Democrats didn’t want their supporters to get arrested – that’s not the “purpose” of supporting these protests.

The purpose is to flip the House and Senate back — pretty much what I said was the point of these meltdowns. They want to take back the Board of County Commissioners too. Purse strings are key, you know.

From the News and Observer:

The Wake County Democratic Party is officially throwing its support behind the “Moral Monday” protests at the General Assembly being organized by the state NAACP.

In an email message Sunday, Wake Democratic Party Chairman Dan Blue III urges Democrats to attend the protests because they are “an early salvo in what will be a long fight for North Carolina’s future.” But Blue, a lawyer, says in the message that he’s not advising that people attend in order to get arrested.

Biue writes that “we can regain a majority on our County Commissioners to prevent collateral attacks on our Wake County Schools” and “we can regain a majority in our Wake delegation to the General Assembly to prevent unjust local bills.” But he writes “it still will not be enough” unless Democrats regain the majority in the legislature.

The News and Observer also have the text of the letter.  I have obtained a copy in PDF format. Make sure you read all the way to the bottom of the letter, which News and Observer left out of their article.

Both NC Policy Watch and WRAL are singled out as useful resources.  NC Policy Watch is little brother site of NC Justice Center. Guess who sits on the board of NC Justice Center? Reverend Barber of the NAACP and Dhamian Blue – brother of Dan Blue who also works alongside him at their family law firm.  Both went to Duke Law (p 17).

Rev. William J. Barber II is president of the North Carolina State Conference of the NAACP. Since 1993, Rev. Dr. Barber has served as the pastor of Greenleaf Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, in Goldsboro. He is the chairman of Rebuilding Broken Places Community Development Corporation, a nonprofit faith-based organization committed to the development of economically distressed urban and rural communities in Goldsboro and Wayne County. Dr. Barber received his bachelor’s degree from NC Central University, his Master of Divinity from Duke University, and his PhD from Drew University in Madison, New Jersey.

Dhamian A. Blue is with the law firm of Blue, Stephens & Fellers, Raleigh, North Carolina. His primary practice area is civil litigation, representing clients in a wide variety of cases that range from business litigation to severe personal injuries. Mr. Blue began his legal career as an associate in the Litigation and Dispute Resolution Group of Dickstein Shapiro LLP in Washington, D.C. He then joined Temple Law Offices, also in Washington, D.C., where he handled litigation matters that included police misconduct, employment discrimination, and predatory lending. He served as the chair of the Washington Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Division for 2006-07. Mr Blue graduated from the Duke University School of Law in May 2003, and also earned an A.B. from Duke in 2000 where he majored in Public Policy Studies and Economics.

Let’s look at the incestuous party going on here.

NC Policy Watch and NC Justice Center are tight pals with BluePrint NC.   Read more about BluePrint NC and its many tentacles here.  We already know NC Justice Center is stacked with board members from Wake County Democrats and the NAACP’s leader of Moral Mondays, Reverend Barber.

Local media outlet WRAL, owned by Jim Goodmon, is a big fan of NC Justice Center and features their causes often. Do not underestimate Goodmon’s role. He has his fingers into every Lefty organization in NC.

Laura Leslie and Mark Binker are the reporters from WRAL covering of NC Justice Center’s activity. Leslie is the one who on Twitter showed me her professional side and Binker is pals with former WRAL staffer Chris Fitzsimon. Fitzsimon works for NC Policy Watch, which is basically just an offshoot of NC Justice Center.

Wow. Now that’s a family tree that nearly grows straight up.

Now, sort of back to the arrests topic. Almost 300 in total I think. That’s a lot of bail. Wonder who is paying that? NAACP bailed out one of the most visible who was arrested and likely the Reverend himself, but what about everyone else? That’s pretty costly. So, who’s picking up the Moral Tab here?

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