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Moral Monday Arrestee and US Uncut Activist Arrested In NH On Voter Suppression Charge

In 2013, Moral Monday was in its early protest stages and was trying to spread out into other states. At that time, I reported on a group in Illinois that was using the Moral Monday theme to protest ALEC. They called themselves the Moral Monday Coalition.

Well, this Moral Monday Coalition indeed were arrested during this protest. One member of that coalition was Carl Robert Gibson, who was dumb enough to record his ride in the police transport and post it on Twitter.

In 2013, Gibson, who originally hails from Wisconsin, was arrested at Moral Monday in North Carolina. Remember him?


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North Carolina’s 2015 Summer Circus Schedule

The Circus is coming back to towns all over North Carolina.

Yeah, I mean Moral Monday or MoMo for short.

The MoMo’s we nice enough to publish a partial schedule of their circus act, titled the ‘Summer of Moral Resistance Tour’. Continue reading

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WRAL Finally Includes The “Who” Behind The Fast Food Protests

Mark the calendar. WRAL actually named the money behind the choreographed Fast Food protests.

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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Does NC Mainstream Media Know How To Google?

Do North Carolina media outlets know how to Google? One has to wonder when articles they produce don’t include pertinent information — like arrest records. Continue reading

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Barber: NC Is Our Selma! Turns Around, Holds Embarrassing ‘Die-in’.

Last week, Rev. William Barber compared the protests to the civil rights movement in Selma…

This week? Cringe-worthy ‘die in’.

KEEP READING Continue reading

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Your Occupy Monday Schedule For Avoiding Downtown, #NCGA

They’re back.

Here’s the “Week of Action” schedule so one can avoid downtown and the General Assembly accordingly. Continue reading

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#MoralMonday Coming to New Mexico

The American Federation of Teachers of New Mexico (AFT-NM) and the National Education Association of New Mexico (NEA-NM) have announced the ‘United Voices for our Students rally’ in Santa Fe on February 16th as part of a Moral Monday March.

Both organizations have expressed stern opposition to the new teacher evaluations and high stakes testing of students that feed into the evaluations. The AFT-NM and NEA-NM have both filed petitions and lawsuits against the reforms.

There is common ground with these two groups that anti-common core advocates have already embraced. The OPT-OUT movement which, opposes high stakes testing, is spreading across the U.S. at a very fast pace. Coalitions of parents, educators, teacher unions and medical professionals, regardless of political party, have joined the fight to eliminate the K-12 high stakes testing.

However, it is the Moral Monday banner this rally is flying under that could derail and muddy the issue in New Mexico.

KEEP READING…. Continue reading

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