Occupy 2.0: ALF-CIO NC and FLOC

North Carolina is riddled with overlapping Left leaning organizations. As I wrote in Occupy 2.0: NC’s Triangle Jobs For Justice, the SEIU is helping to create and organize social justice outfits around the country and here in North Carolina.

They are not alone in their endeavors. The AFL-CIO of North Carolina has become involved in a project called FLOC – Farm Labor Organizing Committee.  The President of which is Baldemar Velasquez.

FLOC has thrown its support behind Moral Mondays:


President Velasquez is also a Moral Monday arrestee.

Going back to the previous article on Triangle Jobs With Justice, we find that Nick Wood is also associated with FLOC:

Nick Wood


Mary Kay Henry, President, SEIU and Nick Wood, FLOC

Just more evidence that there is not a widespread Progressive movement in North Carolina but rather one made up of  #RecycledActivists.

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