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4th Circuit Court of Appeals Strikes Again Throwing NC Elections Into Chaos

In February of this year,  a 3 judge panel from the 4th Circuit Court of appeals threw out the congressional district voting maps just weeks before the state’s primary election.  Maps that had passed muster through multiple challenges were now null. … Continue reading

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Cumberland County Upset Their Supplement Isn’t As Big As Wake County’s

Cumberland County Schools is upset that their teacher salary supplement isn’t as big as Wake County’s.

So, the narrative we’ve heard from various sources is that North Carolina doesn’t pay it’s teacher enough. The untold part of that narrative is that the teacher supplemental pay is set by the individual districts.

Ok, so the teachers in Cumberland have a smaller supplement. The county sets that, so why not raise it? They have no problem paying their Superintendent generously, after all.

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2013-14 Scores: NC 3rd Grader Reading Proficiency 60.2%?

The UNC Charlotte Urban Institute has an article up at the PR Firm, EducationNC called, “Mapping NC student grade-level and subject proficiency by district, 2013-14”

I’m looking at this article from the perspective of a ‘setting of the stage’ prior to the release of the 2014-15 scores.

There is a breakout by district of reading proficiency percentages based on the Common Core aligned North Carolina EOG (End of Grade) test.

The article is preceded by a big map of the state with sliding menu items to look at various data points. One data point they have under the map is stagnant: STATEWIDE: 60.2%

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Told Ya To Gird That Wallet…

I told folks back in November, with the election of an all Democrat Board of Commissioners in Wake County, your taxes are about to go up.

The day after the election the newly elected Commissioners were already talking about digging into the taxpayer’s wallet.

Now factor in the Commissioners are working hand in hand with the drama-ridden and Democrat held Wake County school board. Here come the tax hikes, here come the bond referendums.

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Wake Cty Sheriff Race Brings In Social Justice Rhetoric

Wake County Sheriff candidate Willie Rowe made a statement captured by the News and Observer that caught my eye. Emphasis added is mine:

“I am a 28-year veteran of the sheriff’s office,” Rowe said during a meeting with the editorial board of The News & Observer. “In my 28 years, I have seen first-hand the impact crime has on families, communities and the future. I want to partner together with the community to improve public safety, close the revolving door to jail and shut down the school-to-prison pipeline.”

“school-to-prison pipeline”

GEE, We’ve heard that one before. Continue reading

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Wake Cty Schools “Strategic Plan”? More Common Core.

The Wake county public school system (WCPSS) is revising their strategic plan yet again. Work began on this new plan sometime back in February of this year and now WCPSS is having a kick-off of sorts. On Friday, WCPSS held a forum about the “Community Vision For Wake Children”.

The news report from WRAL says a whole lot of nothing about what this new strategic plan entails. Parents who are just finding out about it on their site will have to fire up Google to figure out what this event was about – or read my article. The WRAL video segment has an interview in it of Superintendent Merrill, where he seems to be choosing his words very carefully.

Only the N&O seemed to have a story (behind their pay wall) on this “Community Vision” event prior to the event itself. No big advertising of this event, much like the Wake Superintendent’s Direct Line forum, was done. That Superintendent Direct Line forum had maybe a dozen people show up at any of the given locations. The one I attended was similar, but that didn’t stop nearly every speaker from speaking out against the Common Core. You can read about that Direct Line forum and watch the videos here. At any rate, WCPSS might want to re-think the ‘less-is-more’ strategy of attracting parents to their event. Continue reading

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Letter To Wake Cty Superintendent

The proposed budget came out for Wake County Schools. I had some questions, so I popped off a letter, which I have included below. It’s worth noting I also ask about the NC Large District Superintendent Consortium, of which I have an active FOIA request currently in process. I also ask about the ambitious raise of 3.5% Merrill highlights. I’m pleased to see that, however how is it structured exactly? It would be more frustration and a shame to see the rug get pulled out from under teachers again, so that is one question I ask. Continue reading

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