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2018-19 school scores show slight increases, state testing mostly stagnant or falling

School accountability and test results for 2018-19 were released earlier this month.
School A-F grades showed an increase in the number of low performing schools while End of Grade (EOG) and End of Course (EOC) were yet again mainly stagnant or falling. Continue reading

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2017-18 NC EOG Scores Are Out

The 2017-18 North Carolina school grades, EOG scores, and other related testing data have been published by the Department of Public Instruction.

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NC EOG: Alarming Minority Student Scores

The Department of Public Instruction (NC DPI) recently touted NC EOG (End of Grade) scores as ‘hopeful’ and ‘positive’. A deep dive into the data says otherwise – the needle, so to speak, really isn’t moving. In particular, minority student scores are alarming and are either falling or stagnant. Continue reading

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WaPo Cites D.C. Graduation Rate at 76%, But There is a Problem.

In an article at The Washington Post, the District of Columbia graduation rate was reported at 79%. However, there is a big ‘but’ that comes along with that number as 1% met math standards and 4% met reading standards. Continue reading

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NC Grade 3-8 EOG Results Show only 46.7% are College Ready

As previously reported, the graduation rate in the state, as indicated by NC DPI, is 85.8%. However, the grade level proficiency and career and college readiness of students in key subject areas of English and Math remain nearly unchanged and low.

Continue reading

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A Look at NC’s 2015 SAT Scores – #NCED

North Carolina’s ACT scores were ‘stagnant‘ and in the area of minority student scores, the ACT scores showed drops. Now, the SAT scores for NC are out and they resemble results we saw with the ACT. One has to ask, how our … Continue reading

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It’s EOG Season in NC. Have you watched your test security video yet?

Have 34 minutes and 28 seconds to waste? Watch the ‘Test Security Protocol’ video for the End of Grade (EOG) tests.
TELL ME YOUR EOG STORY — EMAIL ME AT….. Continue reading

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