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Nations Report Card 2019 scores down or flat compared to 2015

National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) reported last month that the 2019 test scores across the assessments given to fourth, eighth and 12th graders were down or flat compared to that of 2015.  Continue reading

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#NCED Updates: Reading Assessment tool battle continues, National and School Choice headlines

The first edition of NCED updates for 2020 includes an update on the battle over the state’s reading assessment tool, Istation, as well as several national headlines and school choice stories of note. Continue reading

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Buncombe County teacher faces additional charges

A Buncombe County teacher originally arrested in November for sex acts with a student is now facing additional charges. Continue reading

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NC’s largest district is experimenting on some of its students with a “Social, Emotional and Behavioral” assessment

Has your child been swept up in the massive “social, emotional and behavioral” data collection effort by Wake County Public Schools? Continue reading

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2018-19 school scores show slight increases, state testing mostly stagnant or falling

School accountability and test results for 2018-19 were released earlier this month.
School A-F grades showed an increase in the number of low performing schools while End of Grade (EOG) and End of Course (EOC) were yet again mainly stagnant or falling. Continue reading

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The College Board’s Elitist Roots

The College Board recently rolled out its ‘Adversity score’ system which is a score being sent to colleges without the consent of the test taker and of which is made up of 15 metrics chosen by The College Board from sources they won’t disclose. 

This level of elitist ‘we know what’s best for you’ activity from The College Board shouldn’t surprise anyone given the organization’s history is rooted in elitism. Continue reading

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