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Shocker. Mostly Political Jobs at TFA’s Leadership for Educational Equity

In the past, I’ve touched on Teach for America (TFA) and it’s offshoot, Leadership For Educational Equity (LEE).

I recently reportde on them when I found LEE money and Bloomberg money in the NC Superintendent race — for a Republican.

I just want to re-state what TFA and LEE are: Politically motivate recruiting groups, masquerading as subpar and taxpayer subsidized teacher training schools, whose main purpose is to seat it’s acolytes in places of political influence in order to further their specific ‘educational’ agendas. Those ‘educational’ agendas are often skewed a particular way and it’s not to the center or right.

I just want to lay it out clearly here. It’s not just my personal opinion that these groups are more politically directed than education directed. It’s fact. Follow the tweets.

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Why Is Bloomberg Money In The NC Superintendent Race?

Folks might not realize it, but the NC Superintendent position is up for grabs this election year.

Dr. Atkinson has filed to run again, but there are four other people running as well. This is one of the most crowded Superintendent races in a while, with two Democrats and three Republicans running.

Those running against Atkinson are J. Wesley Sills (R), Henry Pankey (D), Dr. Rosemary Stein (R) and Mark Johnson (R).

One of them is getting money from Mike Bloomberg and Teach for America’s political offshoot organization.
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Professional Agitators to Descend on Durham on January 1st – #ncpol

A Black Lives Matter protest will happen in Durham this Friday, January 1st at 6 pm at CCB plaza according to an event posting on Facebook. The main host/creator of the event is Desmera Gatewood, whose Facebook profile lists her as … Continue reading

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What They’re Saying About Education In NC – WE 12/4/15 – #NCED

This is a quick look at education stories from around North Carolina and beyond.

Highlights: They had to pass ESEA to find out what’s in it, NC Common Core review’s final meeting, WCPSS spending millions, NC report cards, Prof. Adams strikes back TFA agitators & Stuff Atkinson Says. Continue reading

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Agitators were invited to the White House for a Christmas Party

Agitators were invited to the White House for a Christmas Party.

They also met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch. The same AG Lynch who is now investigating the arrest of Clock Boy and who yesterday said that “actions predicated on violent” talk about muslims will be “prosecuted”.

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TFA Not Even Hiding Their Social Justice Warrior Agenda Anymore

“I am no longer a language arts and social studies teacher, but a self-proclaimed teacher of social justice.” https://t.co/Mg2CgELy7a

— Teach For America (@TeachForAmerica) December 1, 2015

The article embedded in the tweet is titled, Teacher: A student told me I ‘couldn’t understand because I was a white lady.’ Here’s what I did then.

It’s exactly what you think it’s about, but here is a short snippet:

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The Dynamic Political Duo of TFA and LEE

Try as they might to bend reality, Teach for America (TFA) is not a teacher training outfit. They are a well-funded political operative recruitment outfit hiding behind 501(c)3 status….

KEEP READING — READ ABOUT TFA’s offshoot, Governor McCrory’s former Aide, how much NC spends on TFA and how TFA alums are coordinating Black Lives Matter protests. Continue reading

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