What They’re Saying About Education In NC – WE 12/4/15 – #NCED

apple booksThis is a quick look at education stories from around North Carolina and beyond.

Highlights: They had to pass ESEA to find out what’s in it, NC Common Core review’s final meeting, WCPSS spending millions, NC report cards, Prof. Adams strikes back TFA agitators & Stuff Atkinson Says.

Reminder: The final Common Core Commission meeting is DECEMBER 18th.
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#1 – ESEA Reauthorization passes the House
More: House Passes #ESEA To See What’s In It. See How North Carolina Reps Voted.

#2 – Illinois School District Settles With Feds To Let Cross-Dressing Boy Shower In Girls’ Locker Room
They reached a “settlement”?
No, the Fed backtracked due to the public outcry over their dictating who can pee or change in what room and yet still got what they wanted. This was basically the original offer given to the student by the district and it allows for the student to change IN the girls facilities:

“The student will use a separate, semi-private area in the girls’ locker room of his public high school.”


Some displeased denizens brought signs. “Settling is losing” read one, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“I’m not intolerant, and I’m not a bigot,” Jeff Miller, parent of a district daughter, said at the meeting, according to the Tribune. “People have the right in this country to live their lives the way they see fit, and I respect that. When it starts infringing on other people’s rights, that’s when it becomes a problem.”

See my article on this topic at Civitas and the follow-up piece about Governor McCrory getting into the fight. It looks like the Governor was right to get involved given the outcome of this “settlement” .

#3- NC Report Cards released

#4 – Please Go To My Website… – #StuffAtkinsonSays
QUESTION: How are we graduating nearly 86% when the NC School report card released this week shows NC students who are “career and college ready” at 47.9% and grade level proficiency at 57.9%?

#5 – Extra Tutoring for 3rd graders who can’t read
While it is good we are identifying kids like this, remember that these kids currently in third grade have known nothing but Common Core. The retention rates and rates of students being put into the program are tell-tale of the effects of the standards.

#6- TFA Not Even Hiding Their Social Justice Warrior Agenda Anymore
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#7 – Wake County School Board approves controversial reassignment plan
Also: Kushner out and Benton in as chair

#8 – Wake County wants more space to educate suspended students 
Related:Wake County school board buys former Cary movie theater for $1.425 Million, & over $6.7 million on other items

#9 – In Franklin County, Federal Court Orders Keep Schools Desegregated
Notice not one mention of test scores or proficiency ratings anywhere in that story?

#10 – Wake County Schools launch ‘hand signals’ for getting on and off the bus

#11 – The biggest Richard in Higher Education
Professor Mike Adams does not disappoint in his rebuttal to unhinged Professor Greenleaf’s latest unsolicited email tirade.

#NOTAHOMESCHOOL updates, courtesy of Carolina Plott Hound

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  1. brackenkaren says:

    Get stuff as usual. On the issue of boys showering in girls locker rooms. Parents need to pull their kids out of the schools. You will see them pay attention to the wishes of public right promptly when they get no money to keep their doors open. If they don’t, then home is a much better place for our kids than the federal school system. And the standard review process that is taking place in NC is the same process taking place in TN. I believe our two states were in discussion over it. NC went first and TN followed shortly thereafter. It is a re-brand and again with ESSA looking as if it will get passed in the Senate now more than ever parents need to really explore home school. CALL YOU SENATORS Monday and DEMAND they vote NO on ESSA. If all else fails find a good home school program, get a few moms together and hire a retired teacher, use your imagination. If you want to you will find a way; if not you will find an excuse.


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