Shocker. Mostly Political Jobs at TFA’s Leadership for Educational Equity

TFA capitol memeIn the past, I’ve touched on Teach for America (TFA) and it’s offshoot, Leadership For Educational Equity (LEE).

I recently reported on them when I found LEE money and Bloomberg money in the NC Superintendent race — for a Republican.

I just want to re-state what TFA and LEE are: Politically motivate recruiting groups, masquerading as subpar and taxpayer subsidized teacher training schools, whose main purpose is to seat it’s acolytes in places of political influence in order to further their specific ‘educational’ agendas.  Those ‘educational’  agendas are often skewed a particular way and it’s not to the center or right.

I just want to lay it out clearly here. It’s not just my personal opinion that these groups are more politically directed than education directed. It’s fact.  Follow the tweets.

The emphasis in LEE is on the “Equity” part.

Congress or K street. Take your pick. 

And LEE is not just political, both LEE and TFA  have an activist flavor.

TFA actually has employees organizing a large swath of the Black Lives Matter protests – including Durham. They are professional agitators and are partly taxpayer-funded and approved of from upon high.

That activism is well-funded.

And neither LEE nor TFA are’Right leaning’.

Browse LEE’s twitter feed yourself.

Follow the Money

TFA’s EIN is 13-3541913.
View the TFA IRS 990 Forms via Propublica.

Their 2014 filing shows gross receipts of $524,829,910.

The stated purpose is to “eliminate educational inequity by enlisting our nations most powerful leaders in that mission”. They do that by putting their recruits into political positions, as I said at the start.

In addition to LEE, TFA also has another offshoot called Teach For All (EIN 26-2122566).
It is at 501(c)3 and  is also a multi-million dollar operation.

Wendy Kopp is their chairperson and she is paid over $180k for that role.

TFA has two CEO’s. The male Co-CEO, Matthew Cramer,  makes $412,285. The female Co-CEO, Elisa Bear, makes quite a bit less at $369,250.

Wow, paying a woman less than a man. Isn’t that a big no-no these days? Ironic. TFA can’t even ‘eliminate inequity’  in their own leadership.

LEE’s EIN is 20-8848357
View LEE’s IRS 990 Forms at Citizen Audit.

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