Professional Agitators to Descend on Durham on January 1st – #ncpol

A Black Lives Matter protest will happen in Durham this Friday, January 1st at 6 pm at CCB plaza according to an event posting on Facebook.

The main host/creator of the event is Desmera Gatewood, whose Facebook profile lists her as being a “Former Moral Freedom Summer Community Organizer at North Carolina NAACP“.  In other words, paid Moral Monday activist.

Gatewood allegedly organized a May Day protest in Durham this past Spring and is also a former Teach For America corps member.

Remember, the last Black Lives Matter Protests in Durham had a Teach for America (TFA) employee bailing out those arrested. Michelle Malkin pointed out the TFA protest connection and cited this blog for my coverage of the Durham protests.

Gatewood’s twitter handle is @frocratinator and is apparently chummy with Bree Newsome, the young woman who pulled a media stunt by scaling a flagpole in South Carolina to pull down the Confederate flag:


Other ‘hosts’ of the event include:

Jillian Johnson
Facebook profile says she is the Director of Southern Vision Alliance and she is also the registering agent for the group at the NC Secretary of State.  Johnson was arrested at Moral Monday in 2013.  Southern Vision Alliance is tied to the Youth Organizing Institute, which has been conducting ‘school to prison pipeline‘ protests in the Triangle area.

D’Atra Jackson
Facebook profile says Jackson is the “Organizing Director at NC Student Power Union“.
I’ve written about this Occupy-style group before; view their Mapping The Left profile.
Her twitter handle is @MerQueenGangsta.  Ms. Jackson supports the Youth Organizing Institute and their theme of  ‘kicking cops out of schools‘.

Destiny Hemphill
Destiny went to Duke and moderated a panel voter ID that included far left Democracy NC.

Zaina Alsous
Head/former head of Occupy Chapel Hill.
Arrested at Moral Monday in May 2103 and June, 2014. Ties to the NC Vote Defenders and NC Student Power Union. Her twitter handle is @diasporadical_z.

Felicia Arriaga
Facebook profiles says she is a “Former Intern at Student Action with Farmworkers” and attends Duke as a graduate student.  Arriaga is also supportive of the Youth Organizing Institute and their movement to get police out of schools.  Arriaga also co-organized a rally to ‘stand with Mizzou’ at Duke. Her twitter handle is @FeliciaArriaga.

Qasima Wideman
Known in some circles as “Q”, “Sister Q” or ‘Mini- Bully Barber’.  Currently a student at NCSU and her Facebook profile says she is a “Writer at Nubian Message and Staff at Youth Organizing Institute” and “Past: NC HEAT“.

Wideman’s Youth Organizing Institute profile is not to be missed and begins with her ‘preferred pronouns’ and this statement:

“Qasima “Q” Wideman is the mixed-up, Muslim genderqueer poet child of two biracial parents, struggling through the confusion of the multiple diasporas, migrations, and class realities that have shaped their family and experience.”

Wideman is involved in the ‘school to prison pipeline’ protests and the lawsuit against Wake County Schools.  Wideman is also a member of “Muslims for Social Justice“.  Visit the Muslims for Social Justice blog and read the about page; to say they are Left leaning is an understatement.  MSJ is big on Moral Monday,  ‘Justice for Palestine’ and the “racist occupation“.

Chanelle Croxton (C.C.)
According to her LinkedIn resume, she is curatorial assistant at the Nasher Museum of Art.


If you haven’t figured it out by reading these host profiles and the groups they are associated with, let me help clarify.

The ‘school to prison pipeline’ that Youth Organizing Institute and their partner groups protest about is the K-12 funnel and recruitment tool for the Black Lives Matter movement.  We are witnessing them link the two up with this January 1st event.

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  2. baronessofthebayou says:

    Regarding Ms. Q…she claims she is a mulatto, a Muslim, AND gender queer…quite interesting as her religion does not allow for homosexuality…and if Black Lives matter then what about her white side? Her confusion about who she is and what she is, as well as any cohesiveness in what she believes is perfectly illuminated in her “activism” and choice of fellow “activists.” These are basically spoiled, racist, biggotted children who are adept at manipulating educational systems and -possibly- employers, with a mantra of self aggrandizement through perceived racial injustice. Where I live, black gangs have been shooting each other for over 4 years in a battle for turf, with drive-bys accelerating in the past 2 weeks. Blacks killing blacks…perhaps these activists should take their message to those Blacks who don’t care or believe that Black Lives Matter…and start to address…rather than pander…the real causes of the implosion and destruction of the black community. Unfortunately, that would take intelligence and character. .traits more important than skin color.


  3. Just a FYI — Jillian Johnson is one of our NEWEST Durham City Council members. She is also friends, and a co-conspirator, with one Ivanna Gonzalez. To refresh your memory, Gonzalez is one the ‘PVC Six’ from the Governor’s Mansion back in late October.

    A little more on Gonzalez here:

    Respectfully submitted by SD2010


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