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Ethics Complaint Filed Against NC State House Rep. Sgro

An ethics complaint has been filed against North Carolina state house Representative Chris Sgro. The complaint was filed by Napier Fuller, a resident of Wilmington, North Carolina.

The complaint alleges that Sgro, “remains the executive director of Equality NC, and continues to be actively engaged in lobbying for Equity NC via his new role as a member of the NCGA.”. Continue reading

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NC Governor Signs Police Body Cam Legislation – #ncpol

On July 11th, North Carolina’s Governor signed legislation regarding the use of body cams for police officers. The measure, House Bill 972 / S.L. 2016-88 is titled, “Law Enforcement Recordings/No Public Record”.

Governor McCrory held a public signing of the bill. McCrory said that, “when used by itself, technology can mislead and misinform”. McCrory said the goal of the legislation was “uniformity”, “clarity” and to “expedite tested disclosure for a fair process which ensures transparency”.

Watch: Continue reading

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2016 Budget Sent To Governor McCrory. See The K-12 Highlights.

The 2016 budget was finally hammered out and send to Governor McCrory on July 1st.

Packed inside are significant funding increases for Education and some interesting tidbits.

First, a look at the money. Continue reading

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NC Parents: We Have A Bill To Offer Traditional Math. It’s Your Turn To Act.

The North Carolina General Assembly (NCGA) was not fooled by the NC Department of Public Instruction’s (DPI) attempt to make cosmetic changes to Common Core’s high school Integrated math.

The NCGA set up a bill that lined up with the findings of the Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC). The NCGA’s proposed bill initially replaced the Integrated math. View the Bill: HB 657. Continue reading

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NCDPI Warns #HB657 Will Take ‘Math Backwards’, But That Would Be A GOOD Thing

DPI sent out a ‘Legislative Alert’ email, titled, Oppose HB 657 Taking Math Backwards.
Why does DPI hate parents and students, yet defends Common Core like it’s made of Gold? Continue reading

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#NCGA Does DPI’s Job Again With Bill On Background Checks [UPDATED]

Earlier this year, North Carolina received an “F” on our teacher screening process in a USA Today report.

Several years ago, and by several I mean SIX YEARS ago, the subject of performing background checks on teachers in North Carolina was suggested, a committee did some work on it and their results were promptly stuck in a drawer by NC Superintendent Atkinson.

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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Imagine If This Was A Conservative…

Equality NC’s Executive Director, Chris Sgro, was installed at the NC General Assembly.

Sgro allegedly resigned his lobbying position with the organization on April 11th, but as of April 18th, he was still signing off on documents as their lobbying principal.

As of this article, he has yet to file an interest statement. Continue reading

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