Ethics Complaint Filed Against NC State House Rep. Sgro

An ethics complaint has been filed against North Carolina state house Representative Chris Sgro.  The complaint was filed by Napier Fuller, a resident of Wilmington, North Carolina.

The complaint alleges that Sgro, “remains the executive director of Equality NC, and continues to be actively engaged in lobbying for Equity NC via his new role as a member of the NCGA.”. 

The complaint also calls into question the relationship between the Human Rights Campaign and Equality NC.  Both organizations have been front and center in protests of House Bill 2, as well as actively seeking repeal of the law in court.

One section states that, “Sgro has been instrumental in promoting an economic boycott of our state in an effort to influence elected officials to repeal HB2, a violation of Section 120-86.”. 

The complaint makes the case that Sgro resigned as a lobbyist for Equality NC just 2 days prior to being appointed to the district 58 General Assembly House seat. However, Sgro continued to act as Executive Director for the organization, including fundraising efforts directly related to the repeal of House Bill 2.

Read the Complaint: 

On two separate occasions, this website has noted Sgro engaging in activities for Equality NC while also being a legislator.

This website captured an email in June sent by Equality NC which detailed an organized vigil against House Bill 2, entitled “Stand against hate”.  The email was signed, “Chris Sgro
Executive Director, Equality NC”.

This site also documented an instance on May 3rd where Equality NC sent an email fundraising while expressly mentioning House Bill 2. That email was also signed by Chris Sgro acting as Executive Director of the organization.

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