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NC Democrats Fill Hamilton Seat with Occupy Defender, Deb Butler

North Carolina Democrats in Brunswick and New Hanover counties voted to replace Rep. Susi Hamilton with local attorney and LGBT activist Deb Butler. Continue reading

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Ethics Complaint Filed Against NC State House Rep. Sgro

An ethics complaint has been filed against North Carolina state house Representative Chris Sgro. The complaint was filed by Napier Fuller, a resident of Wilmington, North Carolina.

The complaint alleges that Sgro, “remains the executive director of Equality NC, and continues to be actively engaged in lobbying for Equity NC via his new role as a member of the NCGA.”. Continue reading

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The Wages of #HB2 Appeasement

Apparently, the NBA is an official elected body in the state of North Carolina. Or at least that is how they are being treated by ‘NCGA leadership’ and Governor McCrory who have been in ‘private’ and closed door discussions with the NBA over changes to HB2.

Now we learn a second draft with additional changes to HB2 in in play that includes a ‘ blue ribbon commission’.

You cannot appease anyone or anything whose primary goal is your complete destruction. Continue reading

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Flip a Coin. Is it Exec. Director Sgro or Rep. Sgro? – #ncga

Islamic terrorism struck the LGBT community in Orlando and it was devastating. Vigils are appropriate. What’s not appropriate is using a vigil for those murdered to further your social justice and political agendas.

Such is the case with Equality NC sending out an email tying a vigil to slamming the legislature on HB2. Shame on them.

So, yet again, we find Director Sgro organizing a vigil protest against the very place he was appointed to serve as Representative Sgro. It’s like watching Two-Face flip his coin, and ask am I a representative today or an activist? Continue reading

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Is it Rep. Sgro or Executive Director Sgro? – #hb2

Yesterday I highlighted a conflict of situation with a LGBT activist who was installed as a Representative at the North Carolina General Assembly.

I forgot to include a hilarious fundraising email I got from him on May 3rd wherein Equality NC uses DONALD TRUMP to push back against HB2. Continue reading

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Imagine If This Was A Conservative…

Equality NC’s Executive Director, Chris Sgro, was installed at the NC General Assembly.

Sgro allegedly resigned his lobbying position with the organization on April 11th, but as of April 18th, he was still signing off on documents as their lobbying principal.

As of this article, he has yet to file an interest statement. Continue reading

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A Look At HRC: Hypocrisy, Money and Agenda – Part I

The following is a multi-part series on the Human Rights Campaign.

The Human Rights Campaign along with their local NC pal, Equality NC, are demanding documents related to HB 2 according to ABC 11.

KEEP READING – PART ONE OF ? – Continue reading

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