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A Look At HRC: Hypocrisy, Money and Agenda – Part I

The following is a multi-part series on the Human Rights Campaign.

The Human Rights Campaign along with their local NC pal, Equality NC, are demanding documents related to HB 2 according to ABC 11.

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Yes, I indeed Dropped @PayPal’s Hypocritical Corporate Activist Ass. [Updated]

Last week, I said I was dropping PayPal’s hypocritical corporate activist ass. I keep my promises, and after taking days to process out the last of my funds, I closed my account.

Just how hypocritical is PayPal? Very. Continue reading

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Oh Those ‘Mean’ People Who Don’t Want To Pee With The Opposite Sex

From the ‘Jumping The Shark’ files via WNCN:

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Two people are combating the brewing issues with House Bill 2 by creating a new beer to promote positivity.

Erik Lars Myers, the Founder and Head Brewer of Mystery Brewing Company in Hillsborough and Keil Jansen, the owner and brew-master of Ponysaurus Brewing Company in Durham, are collaborating to make “Don’t Be Mean to People: a golden rule (saison).”

Yes, because HB2 is about being “mean” and not about wanting to feel safe in bathrooms or shower facilities.

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Goodbye @PayPal, I’m Dumping Your Hypocritical Corporate Activist Ass

I used PayPal for a few years because it was an easy mode for payment from other bloggers for my columns and it allowed readers to drop a tip in the tip jar to keep this site running.

No more. Continue reading

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Guest Post: NC education’s March Madness: A 3-Ring Hypocrisy Circus

From the mailbag, we have a guest post commenting on the ‘hypocrisy circus’ going on in North Carolina Education


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Kay Hagan’s “Nasty Political Attacks”

Kay Hagan’s campaign tried to claim the high ground in 2008, but it seems her campaign this year is all about ‘slinging mud’ hoping it sticks. Hagan needs to make something stick. Hagan is responsible for bringing Obamacare across the finish line and for half a million North Carolinians losing their health insurance because of that.

Judging by the daily deluge of Koch Brothers obsessed fundraising emails, it looks like Kay Hagan hasn’t learned any new tricks and is still blaming “special interests”. Meanwhile, Harry Reid and his billionaire pal Tom Steyer pumps money into Hagan’s campaign alongside far Left special interests like Emily’s List.

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Kay Hagan’s Past Attacks Coming Back To Haunt Her

What comes around goes around. The rhetoric and charges she leveled at Libby Dole are now coming back to visit Kay Hagan. Looks like Hagan’s facing her own attack lines from 2008.

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