Moral Monday Slams Biz Money In Politics

Moral Monday Slams Biz Money In Politics!

Just kidding. Moral Monday only slams businesses on the Right who contribute to causes. Far Left, Progressive businesses? They can contribute anything they want.

Behold, CREDO mobile!  Awesome. An Activist cell phone. Just what we were missing. CREDO is the progressive’s choice in mobile phones for those concerned about their cell phone being liberal on the issues of “Women’s Rights, Climate, Marriage Equality, Peace and Social Justice“.   Check out their staff.

Press release below with the big announcement:


July 16, 2014


Contact: Sarah Bufkin, NC NAACP – or 404.285.3413



The North Carolina NAACP Welcomes Generous Donation from CREDO to Support the Forward Together Moral Movement’s Deep Organizing and Coalition Building Work


CREDO Empowers Phone Customers to Fund Nonprofits


DURHAM, NC – The North Carolina NAACP and the Forward Together Moral Movement thank CREDO, America’s progressive phone company, and its customers for making a substantial donation to support the Movement’s vital work building a transformative, fusion coalition at North Carolina’s grassroots to challenge regressive public policy.


“We welcome CREDO’s generous donation as the Movement now embarks on a Moral March to the Polls to register, educate and mobilize voters in communities across the state ahead of the November 2014 elections,” said Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, president of the NC NAACP. “This is a seminal moment in North Carolina, and CREDO and its customers’ contributions are helping the people of North Carolina build a social justice movement that will give rise to a new progressive South.”


CREDO has donated more than $76 million to organizations committed to social change since the company was founded in 1985. In May, the North Carolina NAACP was nominated by CREDO customers and chosen among hundreds of nonprofits to be featured as one of three groups eligible to receive funding for its work to promote public policy that is grounded in the state’s deepest moral and constitutional values.


In June, CREDO customers then helped decide how much money each nonprofit received by simply voting online or via phone or text.


To learn more about CREDO’s donations program, please visit the CREDO Mobile site.



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