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BEST NC Quietly Adds #WCPSS Board Member To Staff

Sometime in the last few months, ‘education non-profit’ BEST NC added a current Wake County Schools Board member to their staff. Continue reading

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10% Pay Increase For All Teachers! – #StuffAtkinsonSays

Last week, Dr. Atkinson jump started her relection campaign with a speech in front of the legislature’s House Select Committee on Education.


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BEST NC Wants Your Feedback

BEST NC is soliciting feedback on their ‘Facts and Figures’ document.

It’s worth taking a moment to look through some of the charts they’ve assembled. I admit, it’s far more comprehensive than anything the Department of Public Instruction has put out. Continue reading

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The New Jim Hunt?

The Education Legislator?

“Rep. Craig Horn (R-Union) is the education legislator. It’s an odd moniker considering he only moved to the state in 2005, has no education background and didn’t even start out focused on the subject.” Continue reading

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What They’re Saying About Education In NC (8/12/15) – #NCed

Here are some quick hits on what’s going on in Education in North Carolina. Continue reading

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Another Common Core Potemkin Village Exposed By A “Parent”

Earlier this week the NC Common Core commission or Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC) met and allowed for parents to comment.  See my earlier article, NC Common Core #ASRC June Meeting Update for reference. In my prior article I mentioned a particular “parent” … Continue reading

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How Does Rep. Craig Horn Define Proficiency and Rigor?

How does Rep. Craig Horn define ‘proficiency and rigor’?

According to Horn’s press release yesterday, the definition is tied to how well our state scored on a flawed system (NAEP) that is not benchmarked to international standards and to a manipulated grading system which is being manipulated even further with two separate NCGA bills.


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