Guest Post: NC education’s March Madness: A 3-Ring Hypocrisy Circus


From the mailbag, we have a guest post commenting on the ‘hypocrisy circus’ going on in North Carolina Education

The following articles are in support of the guest post below:

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NC education’s March Madness: A 3-Ring Hypocrisy Circus

It was no coincidence that three pro-Common Core propaganda events occurred the same week that national education standards experts Drs. Stotsky and Milgram appeared before the ASRC. Having already testified before similar panels in a dozen other states, the  highly credible opposition by these experts to Common Core is a threat to those who run education policy in North Carolina, both in and out of government.

1. State Superintendent of Schools Atkinson’s “State of Education” message to just one SAS-funded pseudo-journalist, complaining about non-NC experts who don’t agree with Common Core while she serves as the president of a DC-based lobbying organization (CCSSO) that co-owns the Common Core standards and has received $90 million from The Gates Foundation.

2. Retired generals/admirals who work for a Gates-funded DC-based “charity” (aka Gucci-loafered lobbyists) going to the NC History Museum (but not to meet the governor or legislature) to threaten closure of NC military bases if the state does not adopt Common Core. Meanwhile they are not threatening to close huge TX and VA military bases, even though those states did not adopt Common Core.

3. The N&O Sunday editorial telling the little people (aka NC citizen parents) to let the unelected, unaccountable adults who know best at the Chamber of Commerce-funded BestNC Astroturf group to make education policy for NC (hint: accept Common Core and  allow data reporting of student test scores to prospective NC employers).

Only a conspiracy theorist would assert that these three events, occurring the same week Drs Stotsky and Milgram testified before the ASRC, were connected.

…Or anyone who has observed how funding from the Gates Foundation, Chamber of Commerce, and federal Department of Education has attempted to influence the manipulation of public opinion in other states where Common Core is being hotly debated.

As Academic Standards Review Commission  co-chair Tammy Covil said last week at their March 16th meeting, it is difficult to find anyone who supports Common Core who is not somehow funded by Bill Gates or the federal Department of Education.

North Carolina parents should send thank you notes to The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and to the NC Chamber of Commerce for providing us all free tickets to their  3-ring education propaganda circus.


*This article has been updated.

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