Yes, I indeed Dropped @PayPal’s Hypocritical Corporate Activist Ass. [Updated]

Selective OutrageLast week, I said I was dropping PayPal’s hypocritical corporate activist ass.  I keep my promises, and after taking days to process out the last of my funds, I closed my account.

Just how hypocritical is PayPal? Very.

They are partners with the Human Rights Campaign, which is driving the bullying tactics both in business and in schools.

These are just some of the groups they have no problem doing business with:

PayPal also apparently lends support to Terrorist organizations?

PayPal is anti-2A? They won’t engage in transactions that cover “(j) ammunition, firearms, or certain firearm parts or accessories,”?

PayPal has been sued — for lost and improperly handled payments? They’re also being sued for signing up people for lines of credit they didn’t ask for or want.

Let’s not forget NC’s very own Congressman Patrick McHenry touring PayPal in March of this year, after Charlotte passed their ordinance. They welcomed him with open arms then.

Many are now asking where I am moving to. There are a lot of vendors to choose from. Some of them I would not choose, like Google Wallet. The last thing anyone needs is Google having YET more information on them like their finances, for example.

I have not completely decided yet, but one alternative looks promising so far — ProPay.

Over at 2nd Vote, they really came through with information on this one, which includes a profile of ProPay and a scoring of where they stand.

The choices are out there and PayPal is now feeling of the heat from their corporate activism — their stock is taking a dive:



Rep. Stam — I want to help PayPal

Where is PayPal’s World Wide headquarters? Nebraska. Where there are no anti-discrimination laws for gender identity or sexual orientation.

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