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4th Circuit Court of Appeals Strikes Again, Overturns NC Voter ID Law

Only about four months ago a  lower court judge,  U.S. District Judge Thomas D. Schroeder, upheld North Carolina’s Voter ID law.  That ruling was overturned by the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday. This makes the 4th time in … Continue reading

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College Kids And Voter ID

On the comments of the last time voter ID was brought up on this blog, college kids were brought into the mix. It was a useful question which is often used by opponents of voter ID, so I’m going to cover it.

The specific question was:

“why are college students prevented from using their STATE issued college IDs?”

I responded: Continue reading

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Calling All Watchdogs: Voter Integrity BootCamp 2013

Voter ID, Voter Fraud, Voter Integrity. These phrases and more like them have been on the lips of most in North Carolina in recent months. The new law, nicknamed VIVA, that requires voters show ID at the polls won’t go into effect until 2016 but we have upcoming elections in 2014. How can we protect our elections during the next election cycle? We get involved.

I’ve done it by writing and taking action. So can you. Learn how!

The Voter Integrity Project has just such a way citizens can get involved in the process. They are holding their first ever Voter Integrity BootCamp on September 14th from 9 am to 5:30 pm in Morrisville, NC. They have Dr. Tim Daughtry, author of Waking the Sleeping Giant, lined up as their keynote speaker. More detailed event information, including ticket purchases can be found on their website.

Press Release via the Voter Integrity Project: Continue reading

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Video Of That ‘Non-Partisan Advocate For Clean Elections’

On the 17th, I wrote about Bob Hall of Democracy NC being touted as a ‘Non-Partisan Advocate for Clean Elections’. I included a tweet from Moral Monday held on July 8th in that article.

Now I have the video to go with that quote, courtesy of NC Renegade: Continue reading

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Reverend Barber Engages In #ShutUppery (video)

Around 900 arrests made during Moral Monday to send a message to the GOP at the NCGA, yet when given the chance to engage in dialogue Reverend Barber chooses again for more #ShutUppery.

Read more about #ShutUppery: MoMoMo: The Moral Monday Concert Series

Nice catch here by WatchDogWire NC:

Also on August 20, Rev. William Barber, president of the North Carolina NAACP and a National Board member as well, held a press conference on behalf of King. He calls the challenge to King’s candidacy “a crime against democracy.” He goes on to say, “Let me say we will now take questions, questions from members of the media.”


When Betsy Meads, author of the video, identified herself as Vice Chairman of the Republican Party in Pasquotank County and a blogger on ElizabethCity.com, Barber motioned that he wanted to go to another question from the audience. Meads was attempting to present information to Barber which shows reasonable people agree that election laws for college student voters need to be adjusted. Continue reading

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NC NAACP Sets Up Voter ID Misinformation Line; NC PolicyWatch Promotes

Foward Together and Not One Step Back!

The NC NAACP has set up a voter ID concern ‘hotline’ to handle calls about the racism voter suppression here in North Carolina contained in HB 589. The NC NAACP’s propaganda and BluePrint NC pals, NC PolicyWatch, were all too happy to promote it:

He also announced along with NAACP attorney Jamie Phillips that the NAACP had established a new toll-free hotline that North Carolinians can call with concerns about voting and voting rights. The number is 1-855-664-3487 (i.e. 1-855-NO ID 4 US). Phillips said the number would be staffed with live NAACP members who would connect callers and/or relay their concerns to voting rights experts.

“Voting rights experts.” Do they mean like Rachel Maddow? Continue reading

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