NC NAACP Sets Up Voter ID Misinformation Line; NC PolicyWatch Promotes

Foward Together and Not One Step Back!

The NC NAACP has set up a voter ID concern ‘hotline’ to handle calls about the racism voter suppression here in North Carolina contained in HB 589.  The NC NAACP’s propaganda and BluePrint NC pals, NC PolicyWatch, were all too happy to promote it:

He also announced along with NAACP attorney Jamie Phillips that the NAACP had established a new toll-free hotline that North Carolinians can call with concerns about voting and voting rights. The number is 1-855-664-3487 (i.e. 1-855-NO ID 4 US). Phillips said the number would be staffed with live NAACP members who would connect callers and/or relay their concerns to voting rights experts.

“Voting rights experts.” Do they mean like Rachel Maddow?

 The embedded article in the above tweet, I spotted at Instapundit.


What the Maddow show didn’t have was any dissent.  Not a single guest appeared to rebut any of her false charges. 

That’s standard operating procedure for Maddow.  Her skill is preaching to the choir, not having vigorous intellectual debate about ideas.  Dissent is forbidden, sort of like En Cada Barrio.  That’s why if you want actual debate between both sides of an issue, you need to turn to Hannity, or last night, to David Webb.

Why doesn’t Maddow permit any dissent, any critical guests on her show when it comes to  voting issues?  It’s not like experts don’t exist who could handily rebut her.  She doesn’t permit dissent on her show because her show is about Democrat activism – not voting rights, not airing both sides, not fairness.  It’s about activism, period.

Her job is to stoke fears, preferably race based fears.  Her job is to present the Orthodoxy of the vote fraud deniers and the racial left.  It isn’t to be a journalist.  Her job is to mobilize turnout for the 2014 election, nothing more.  If that weren’t true, she would invite a guest on to rebut the factual and legal fallacies she airs.


These paragraphs could easily replace Maddow and insert Moral Monday. It is also true of the NC PolicyWatch propaganda I quoted earlier. READ THE WHOLE THING: Maddow’s Dishonest Scare Parade on NC Voting

The NC PolicyWatch propaganda piece also promoted NC NAACP sponsored rallies related to the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous march. Each of the rallies in NC will end at a GOP elected official’s office. These marches bear the same details, just varying slightly on location and end points.

On August 28th, the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington, North Carolina will heed Dr. King’s call at the end of his “I Have a Dream” speech to go home and organize! We will hold 13 simultaneous rallies in each of the US Congressional districts.

Inspired by the Forward Together Movement and Moral Mondays, “Take the Dream Home” rallies will make sure that the extremists who passed the devastating legislation in the NC General Assembly will have to face an educated citizenry, who will not allow them to lie and say they governed for the good of the whole. Across the state, people will know that their ultra-conservative right wing legislators passed legislation that is extreme, immoral and a violation of our deepest moral and constitutional values.

Raleigh’s protest stop will be at the offices of George Holding.  In Charlotte, it will be Pittenger.  For the full list, look at the Facebook Event Page organizing it.


Don’t forget, for Barber, it is all about being center of attention.


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