Video Of That ‘Non-Partisan Advocate For Clean Elections’

On the 17th, I wrote about Bob Hall of Democracy NC being touted as a ‘Non-Partisan Advocate for Clean Elections’.  I included a tweet from Moral Monday held on July 8th  in that article.

Now I have the video to go with that quote, courtesy of NC Renegade:

“Fusion Movement”

I like Bob’s interpretation there. Openly admitting Democrats suppressed the Black vote by scaring voters. Exactly what they are doing today – using racism and scare tactics as a reaction to their loss of power. Thanks for opening that door, Bob!

Via Wikipedia, emphasis added:

In 1894, a coalition of Republicans and Populist Party took control of the North Carolina state legislature (and with it, the ability to elect two US Senators) and elected several US Representatives through electoral fusion.[22] The 1896 election saw even more impressive gains for the fusion coalition; their legislative majority expanded, Republican Daniel Lindsay Russell won the gubernatorial race, and after the election over 1,000 elected or appointed black officials, including US Congressman George Henry White, served the state. In response to this loss of power, the Democrats decided to run on White Supremacy and disfranchisement in the 1898 in an attempt to scare white voters away from the Republican/Populist coalition.

After a bitter race-baiting campaign led by future US Senator Furnifold McLendel Simmons and The Raleigh News & Observer’s editor and publisher Josephus Daniels, the North Carolina Democrats won the 1898 election and the following 1900 election, and used their power to disfranchise blacks and ensure that Democratic party and white power would not be threatened again.[2][22][23]

After passing laws restricting voter registration, state Democrats adopted a constitutional suffrage amendment in 1900. It lengthened the term of residence before registration and enacted both an educational qualification (to be assessed by a registrar, which meant that it could be subjectively applied) and prepayment of poll tax. It exempted from the poll tax only those entitled to vote as of January 1, 1867.

The cumulative effect meant that black voters in North Carolina were completely eliminated from voter rolls during the period from 1896-1904. The growth of their thriving middle class was slowed. In North Carolina and other Southern states, there were also the insidious effects of invisibility: “[W]ithin a decade of disenfranchisement (sic), the white supremacy campaign had erased the image of the black middle class from the minds of white North Carolinians.”[24]

The 300,000

Hall kicked off the video with the above quote and then plays the race card right away, claiming 300,000 Blacks in NC do not have ID to vote.  Hall doesn’t say if they’re even registered or of age to even vote or not, but let’s assume they are. That’s 300,000 out of over 6.4 million registered voters in NC. It’s actually 6,463,423 as of today according to the NC BOE.  Bear in mind, there are 9,752,073 people living in NC.

So, there are 300k people wandering out there, apparently mainly minority, who have no functioning ID — and the Democrats, Moral Monday Protesters and Bob Hall seem just fine with letting that continue. Perhaps if they spent half as much time assisting these people in obtaining ID as they do using them as props to fulfill their narrative, we’d see they are truly the party of compassion.

Free ID For All  in 2014

Well Bob, you and your 300k have little excuse anymore:

I haven’t seen Democracy NC, Moral Monday or the NC Democrats promoting this benefit, have you?

No-Fee ID Card Program Begins January 2014

Starting January 1, 2014, the Division of Motor Vehicles will begin issuing no fee ID Cards to be used for voting. Proof of age, identity, North Carolina residence, and verification of voter registration will be required.

Any resident of North Carolina can be issued a special identification card provided he or she does not have a valid driver license.

Fun Fact — In 2012, 554,000 voters were registered by various groups in NC. Most of the registrations were done by OFA, NCAE and a number of Left leaning groups — like Democracy NC. Most of them were done at sites like this one.

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