Calling All Watchdogs: Voter Integrity BootCamp 2013

Voter ID, Voter Fraud, Voter Integrity. These phrases and more like them have been on the lips of most in North Carolina in recent months.  The new law, nicknamed VIVA, that requires voters show ID at the polls won’t go into effect until 2016 but we have upcoming elections in 2014.  How can we protect our elections during the next election cycle? We get involved.

I’ve done it by writing and taking action. So can you.  Learn how!


The Voter Integrity Project has just such a way citizens can get involved in the process.  They are holding their first ever Voter Integrity BootCamp on September 14th from 9 am to 5:30 pm in Morrisville, NC.  They have Dr. Tim Daughtry, author of Waking the Sleeping Giant, lined up as their keynote speaker. More detailed event information, including ticket purchases can be found on their website.

Press Release via the Voter Integrity Project:

No Voter ID for 2014 Elections!

Surely, you would have to be asleep or dead not to have heard all the buzz about recent changes to election laws here in NC? ‘Course even if you were really dead, you were able to vote this last election, right?  (No more though, as we are the ones who found close to 30K ‘dead’ voters on the rolls, nearly all of which have subsequently been removed). 

But, did you know?  The NC Voter ID Bill will NOT be in effect for the 2014 mid-terms?  Ouch!  Though we lobbied hard to get a 2014 implementation deadline included (we did win on several other requested provisions that significantly toughened up the law), the NC General Assembly decided that the Voter ID requirement would be too difficult to put in place by then.

So, that leaves all of us in a dangerous position – the integrity of each and every one of our votes is not yet ensured! 

We simply must do all that we can to protect the 2014 elections from fraud! And we can do a lot more . . . if we can get some help!  There is much work to be done and it can be done by almost anybody.  It’s not that complicated, and we can teach you how you can be effective at the county level in
protecting the integrity of your own ballot boxes!     

So, that said, the Voter Integrity Project is proud to present it’s first, down-home, true North Carolina style, roll up your sleeves, Voter Integrity BootCamp!  

Please join us for this important event on Sept 14, 2013, in Morrisville, NC!  

We need the help of folks like you; passionate,dedicated patriots, to dig through county data and voting records, to ferret out the potential fraudsters, to uncover suspicious patterns and potentials for fraud, and to report any actual cases of fraud as well as reduce the possibilities for election fraud all across this great state of ours. 

There is a cost associated, but it includes lunch (sorry, it’s not a pig pickin’) and data discs for your own county.

We hope you are able to join us on September 14 and that you will lend your time and passion to join our effort to protect the integrity of that most fundamental civil right: the right to vote! 

Register now at!  Take advantage of a significant discount when you register with friends! 


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A.P. Dillon is a reporter currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_ Tips:
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  1. nelson Finley says:

    LL is one of the more vicious Teabilly sites I have had the pleasure to visit. The “voter ID” thing is phony, a solution looking for a problem. The lies told over this by the Teabillies, including Deputy Asst Governor McCrory and the mafia at the legislature are legion. Get a life.


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