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Liberal Activism Alive and Well In Schools As NC Students ‘Walk Out’

Liberal Activism is alive and well in our schools. Yesterday was the national “walk out” protesting gun violence in schools.

Instead of ‘walking up’ to a fellow classmate suffering from bullying, NC students in various K-12 schools walked out.   Continue reading

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ICYMI – Three More School Threats In NC Last Week

In case you missed it, the NC school threat “me too” wave continued with three more reports made last week.   Continue reading

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NC Charter School Truths – #SchoolChoice

The spin out there on School Choice was out of control again this year for School Choice Week. On cue, well-funded union non-profit front groups continued to push their false talking points and in the process smear millions of parents and students.

On Twitter, the replies left on some School Choice tweets were filled with ridiculous amounts of misinformation. Reading some of them gave me a headache. It was as if these folks were re-heating leftover dog food, calling it gourmet stew and thinking somehow no one was going to tell them otherwise.  Boy, were they wrong. Continue reading

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Ghost Voters: NC Makes The Top Ten List

Ghost Voters:  North Carolina has 22 counties in which there are more registered voters than there are eligible voters living in them. Continue reading

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NC Election Protest Ability in Jeopardy Despite New Report on 2016 Duplicate Votes

Election protest ability of North Carolina citizens is in jeopardy despite a recent report claiming nearly 8,500 duplicate votes in the 2016 election.

A report by the Government Accountability Institute (GAI) indicates that at least 8,471 votes cast in 2016 were “highly likely” duplicates. Continue reading

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Socialists Among Us: Turning a ‘Proffitt’

In our multi-part series on the Socialists Among Us in North Carolina, we turn to a relatively well-known figure, Bryan Proffitt, who is often cited by local media as simply ‘a history teacher’ in Durham. Continue reading

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North Carolina’s Top 10 Compensated Superintendents

A review of the current contracts held by North Carolina Superintendents shows a wide range of differences between districts in terms of local supplements and overall total compensation. Continue reading

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