College Kids And Voter ID

On the comments from the last time voter ID was brought up on this blog, college kids were brought into the mix. It was a useful question which is often used by opponents of voter ID, so I’m going to cover it.

The specific question was:

why are college students prevented from using their STATE issued college IDs?

I responded:

The State of NC does not issue college ID’s, the individual universities do.
It is not a state certified form of ID. Also, most of them require a drivers license to get them. If they have that, why not use the drivers license? Take UNC Chapel Hill For example:

Adding another related question to the mix;  via @TbradleyNC on Twitter:


All Fake? Possibly but doubtful and likely a decent number are indeed totally fake.  Perhaps students move around so much,  they just put down whatever they like, they use their temporary school address incorrectly or just flat out use an obscure non-existent address like that the practice found in Buncombe county, a college town. It could be a number of things.

At any rate, it creates a problem with legitimacy of elections. If students can’t vote at the permanent resident address, they should utilize absentee ballots like the rest of the county. Their rights are not being impeded or ‘suppressed’.  They are being asked to follow the law like the rest of society.

“No class of citizens gets to vote from a temporary address that is not also their home of-record,” said DeLancy, “but the courts have quietly made an exception so students can do this even though the vast majority of them never stay in that college town after school.” Voter Integrity Project- Time To Equalize The Vote, 2013

Students are not a privileged class of people who get to vote wherever they wish, even though some apparently think they are:

“Massachusetts-native Allison Shamon, a senior at Elon University, says she didn’t partake in state elections to begin with and will continue to vote via absentee ballot in the national elections.


Personally affected or not, however, Shamon wrote in an e-mail that she thought the law unfairly affected out-of-state students.


I do think that this law is unjust for the public university students from out of state who [cannot] vote when an election result may have a direct effect on their school in terms of funding,” Shamon wrote. USA TODAY – College – 10/10/13

The logic fail by this young woman is depressing. She personally votes absentee ballot like she is supposed to, yet thinks out-of-staters should be able to influence elections where they live temporarily during college?

Reminder:…North Carolina case law provides the legal presumption that college students are not domiciled in the town where they attend college.”

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  1. Eric G. Wood says:

    If a student lives at least 9 months a year for 4 years in one location, should they not be able to participate in deciding what happens where the are living?


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