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Cutting to the Chase: Just The Ford-Mitchell Transcript

To cut through the interruptions of the Democrats grandstanding in the questioning of Christine Ford this week, I’ve compiled a running transcript of just the interactions between Ford and the former sex crimes prosecutor chosen for the hearing, Ms. Rachel Mitchell. Continue reading

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Lt. Governor Forest Does NC Media’s Job AGAIN, Reports NC Economic Status

The Lt. Governor has been putting out videos on topics the North Carolina media has either covered inaccurately or not covered at all.

Here is yet another one: Continue reading

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Wake GOP’s ‘Useless Email Champion’ Attacks NC GOP Chair on Facebook

Anyone who has been a part of or has signed up for Wake County GOP emails knows that Donna Williams is the ‘Useless Email Champion’. Continue reading

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#NCGOP Elects Woodhouse For Exec Director…Yay?

Last night, Dallas Woodhouse was elected as the next Executive Director of the NC GOP.


KEEP READING… Continue reading

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Dear @WakeGOP… Errmm wait, What?!

Dear Wake GOP… I read your email and I can only say Err, wait… WHAT?! Continue reading

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Some Friday #HEH and the 8th Congressional District GOP

I hope folks have read the article at the Daily Haymaker titled, #ncgop: It’s your party, neuter it if you want to.

In the article, Haymaker rips one John M. Lewis, Chairman of the 8th District GOP, a well-deserved new one. Keep reading, I’ll add to the #heh.
Continue reading

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Jeb Bush’s 2016 Strategery: Insult Millions of Parents

In New Hampshire, Jeb Bush unveiled his new ‘strategery’: Insult millions of parents.

Implying millions of parents opposing CC don’t? => Bush defiant on Common Core in NH: ‘You need to have a backbone’

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) March 14, 2015


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