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The Good Citizen

It is not always the same thing to be a good man and a good citizen.
-Aristotle Continue reading

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More Protesters Laying Down In The Road In Durham

On December 10th and 13th, more protesters were arrested for their “die in” activities in Durham. Most of the charges were resisting arrest, failure to disperse and “impede traffic – sit/stand/lie”. While protesting, the familiar Occupy chant, “whose streets? our streets!” was employed.

The list of arrests from the 10th, where protesters blocked traffic at the Streets at Southpoint, includes one protester arrested for attempting to incite a riot. On the 13th, one charge was for carrying a concealed weapon.

The list, via WNCN:

SEE THE LIST FROM THE 10th and 13th. Continue reading

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Occupy The Democrat National Convention – Part 2

The Democratic National Convention in Charlotte is rapidly approaching. I posted recently about the winners of the protest lottery that the city of Charlotte set up in an effort to keep some law and order. The list of the winners was announced and the usual suspects were on it – Occupy, Socialist outfits and pro-pot groups. There were also some individuals listed. It was these solo name that caught my curiosity, so I dug. Here is what I came up with: Continue reading

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Get On the AFL-CIO Free Bus

Occupy hit Bank of America in Charlotte this week with a rather large crowd. Turns out AFL-CIO of NC was busing occupiers from Raleigh and likely other locations too – for free! Continue reading

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Tax Paid Protests Update: Denver

Hat Tip to one of my readers for this video. This is a piece that comes out of Denver, Colorado from a video blogger named Kelly Maher, who took some video of the pro-union protesters. I gotta say, I really … Continue reading

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Collective Hostage Taking

I’ve been watching Wisconsin like the rest of America and here’s the Lady’s Take on this: 1. The teachers yelling at the top of their lungs should consider saving their breath… and their jobs. The state is out of money. … Continue reading

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