Outrage Mob Celebrates Destroying Inanimate Object In Chapel Hill – #SilentSam

Durham’s inability to deal with the Communists who destroyed a statue honoring dead Confederate soldiers has led to exactly what I said it would. 

Another statue has been ripped down by a Social Justice Warrior outrage mob.

The Silent Sam statue on the UNC-Chapel Hill Campus was destroyed tonight sometime around or after 9:15 pm.

I hate to say I told you so, but note the “Do it like Durham” hat on top of him?

The News and Observer have posted a video from the scene.

NSFW language and high-concentration of virtue signaling warning:

Prior to the statue being ripped down by the mob, there was no shortage of drama either. Students put nooses around their neck they which they said symbolized the “violence” that a statue represents.

Silent Sam was torn down by protesters wearing masks over their faces and, once again, law enforcement stood by and let it happen.

How did other media describe these activities? By painting the mob in a favorable light, of course. Here’s an example, from Dave Dewitt the Managing Editor at WUNC Radio:

Also, well-known social justice activist Samee Siddiqui tweeted out (and then deleted) multiple short clips of  “white supremacists.”

It’s quite clear that this was not some spontaneous protest. You don’t show up to a protest with props like this:

By the way, Erik Gellman is an Associate professor of History at UNC.

Indeed, tonight’s crusade against an inanimate object was planned. In fact, it was very well planned.

Last night was a coordinated effort and the same cast of characters as Durham was likely involved.  At least their leader was. Loan Tran is seen with a bullhorn captured on video below by the News and Observer.

082018 Silent Sam - N&O - Loan Tran

Here is a tweet from the leader of the Durham Communist clan, Loan Tran, celebrating with her comrades on the anniversary of their handiwork. Tran was arrested along with over a dozen others and they all basically got away with it.

Now that Silent Sam is gone, what inanimate object will get torn down next?

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4 Responses to Outrage Mob Celebrates Destroying Inanimate Object In Chapel Hill – #SilentSam

  1. Charles Hickman III says:

    So, in the new vernacular SJW is the same thing as a thug.


  2. Ken Benway says:

    At some pretty well defined point these so-called protestors became bone fide criminals. Police feint response says much about UNC Chapel Hill and its eunuch-like leadership. Will those criminals be forced to pay restitution to the North Carolina tax-payer? Will they be brought to justice? I think we know the answer when dealing with the Democrats = Communists on campus and in state government.


  3. Jack says:

    Where can I get one of those “Do it like Durham” hats? Those are awesome!


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