It Really Pays To Be A Social Justice Warrior

It really does pay to be a Social Justice Warrior for one North Carolina activist.
Especially one who abuses religion to push messages filled with lies and which are focused on division, hatred, race baiting, and political partisanship.

Who in North Carolina fits that description?

If you guessed the one and only master of staged arrests, hyperbole, and hate, the Doctor Reverend Barber, then you get a cookie.

053017 Barber, William Joseph (2)

Bully Barber has been given a massive grant of $625, 000 to continue making a mockery of religion and to continue spreading his special brand of socialist hate and racism across the country.

William J. Barber II, North Carolina pastor and longtime political activist, is now a MacArthur Fellow. And he marked the occasion Thursday by getting arrested at a protest.

Barber, the 55-year-old pastor of Goldsboro’s Greenleaf Christian Church, is one of 25 winners of the MacArthur Fellowship’s 2018 “Genius Grant.” The award comes with a no-strings-attached grant of $625,000 paid over five years.

When the award was announced, Barber was in Chicago at a protest for raising the minimum wage.

“I’ve just been arrested in Chicago, and I’m waiting on their process,” he said in a call to the News & Observer. “For minimum wage, in front of McDonald’s headquarters.” (Source: News and Observer

He was protesting and got arrested when he was told about it. In other words, the sky is blue and water is wet.

Anyway, the News and Observer wanted reactions about the story from Republicans. Democrats need not be asked anything about it, of course.

As a former Republican turned Unaffiliated, I barely could contain my eye-rolling and tossed in my reaction.

Others had a more serious take which speaks to the current smear campaign against Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh.

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